Wednesday, June 6th

With the house to themselves, Sharon frets that her past may result in Nick losing custody of Christian. As such, she wants to remove herself from the equation. I have to leave you!

Charlie, wake up – you’re going to be late for work, Lily pulls the bedcovers back and gets a surprise – Shawna!

This makes sense, Sharon insists. It makes NO sense – Nick can’t ask that of Sharon – but he’s amazed that she’d walk away from everything. Sharon promises Nick he’ll have everything he wants in the end. The end goal is to keep us all together.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s on the phone with Traci – he misses her too – we’ll get together next time you’re in town ~click~ Dina appears – darling, you’re back! She gives ‘Jackie’ a big hug. Oh, how she’s missed him. I’ve missed you too, Jack’s touched.

Dina reminisces about Jack’s childhood and when he apologizes for his harsh words the other day she doesn’t seem to remember and won’t dwell on the past – let’s enjoy today. Jack agrees – what shall we do? Something fun – put the top down on your car – I’ll be ready in 5 minutes, Dina leaves Jack to utter ‘wow’.

In the HWG office, Mattie gives Neil copies of contracts he asked for (with typos corrected) Charlie’s been checking on the website and wants to add a link to watch artists in VR. Both Neil and Mattie think that pretty cool. Neither smiling, Lily arrives with Shawna – who she found in Charlie’s bed!

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It’ll work, Sharon insists – we can beat Victor at his own game (by splitting up until Nick wins custody of Christian) Sharon doesn’t care what Mike will do to her on the stand – she wants to give Nick the best chance; Christian belongs with you. We’ll only be apart for a while. Dad will just come after us again, Nick knows – so marches out to take care of this once and for all.

Seated on the rooftop, Jack orders drinks. Pleased to be surrounded by young people, Dina boasts that she turned a few heads in her day. They’re looking now, Jack comments that Dina always wore sunglasses. That was to hide how bored she was with the country club and its rules. Yes, Dina remembers saying that John isn’t Jack’s Father and feels guilty about that.

Lily’s blasting Charlie and Shawna (as Mattie and Neil try to calm things down) when Cane walks into HWG to ask what’s going on. You called Dad out of work for this?! Of course – she found a girl in your bed, Cane raises his voice at Charlie. When Lily hopes they used protection, Charlie and Shawna say it’s not like that. Listen to each other, Neil instructs all as he exits.