Wednesday, June 6th

Interrupting Nikki’s meeting with two possible donors, Nick takes her to another table to ask if she knows of Victor’s plans to use Sharon’s past to take his son. Mike’s going to make her out to be an unfit Mother (for keeping Christian) Nikki feels for Sharon but she’s not good for you (and she’s manipulating you by saying she’d bow out) Custody battles are ugly – if you want to win this one, think like a Newman, Nikki advises.

Sipping her Mint Julip, Dina’s reminded that she told Abby about Jack’s paternity. He’s glad they can finally talk about it. Dina knows she treated John and the kids badly – you deserve to know what happened. John was a great man, husband and Father – but he loved his business too. Hosting charity luncheons was boring – that’s when Dina turned to other men. Jack’s already forgiven his Mother – but wants to know who his real Father is.

Dina muses that the past is a funny thing; sometimes just a memory, sometimes crystal clear. She can see it now – the country club restaurant where we had lunch – the pool, the tennis court – the paper he slipped in my hand with the Stardust Inn room number. The first time was magical – we couldn’t stop seeing each other – we met regularly – me and ….. As Jack presses for a name, Neil makes a loud appearance. ‘If you don’t mind’, Jack shoos him away to remind Dina that she was just about to tell him who his Father is. Overwhelmed by questions, Dina she confesses that she and Jack’s Father were going to run away – but he didn’t think it the right thing to do. You were born out of love (but she still can’t give Jack a name)

Cane and Lily return to the HW office. Having spoken to Shawna’s parents they know her brother is in rehab (like she said) They’re going to be in Colorado for a while. The Ashby’s will find a solution that will work for everyone.

Still at the club, Nick gripes to his Mom; this kinda crap is why you left Dad. No, it’s why Nikki stays. She sees Victor in a way no one else does. She lives the sadness and loss that drives everything Victor does. He’ll never admit that he’s trying to protect himself – he can’t stand to lose another child or grandchild. Nick doesn’t want that kind of love and if Dad trashes Sharon to get my son, he’ll find out how much of a Newman I am! Nick vows.

Nick and Jack commiserate over drinks at the club’s bar; both coming from talks with their Mothers. Nick confides that he’s not going back to work at Newman. He was until his Dad… well, let’s just say ‘nothing’s changed’. Jack confides news of his own – John Abbott was not my biological Father.