Thursday, June 7th

I wasn’t able to watch the show today. Lucky for us, my daughter Riley was able to fill in. It’s pretty late already so I’m posting without so much as proofreading. Enjoy.

Abby runs into Kyle by the pool, nonchalantly using her straw hat to avoid eye contact. Kyle takes notice of her, laughing as he walks over to wonder what happened with her and Arturo the other night? Oh who cares.. he’s probably forgotten all about her.

Nikki can barely listen to Vicki’s rambling as she takes notice of Arturo walking by.

Sharon, desperate as she is during this difficult time, pays Victor an unwarranted visit. With him she pleads for Victor to make the hearing go away.

Phyllis and Billy agree that until Summer is back on her feet, they ought to move their “lunch dates” to a hotel. Summer, who was presumed to be in bed, overhears this conversation.

Hilary impatiently paces back in forth awaiting the arrival of Devon. How is Devon gonna react to Shauna staying with them?

As Arturo approaches their table, Vicki insists that he takes her spot at the table. Both Arturo and Nikki beg her not to leave, but no amount of begging could keep Vicki in that uncomfortable situation. Arturo is forward in rebuking Nikki for going behind his back to Abby.

Abby and Kyle talk about the details of Nikki’s relationship with Arturo. Kyle defends Arturo when it comes to Nikki and Victor having an “open” relationship and the concept of Arturo not knowing how to tell Abby the truth. Kyle shows he is still bitter towards Summer after mention of Arturo flirting with her, though he claims she doesn’t cross his mind.

Billy proposes Summer get along with Phyllis, since they are so similar in nature. “For you Billy.”

Sharon takes a more emotional approach to convince Victor not to go through with the hearing. Nicholas is a good man, Victor. He’s done enough for you. This isn’t about me, she says. Victor believes he’s lost everyone and is determined to not lose Christian all because Sharon wants to move.