Wednesday, June 6th

Charlie, Shawna and Mattie wait patiently for Lily and Cane to make their ruling. Returning with Lily, Cane takes Charlie aside to confirm that he and Shawna aren’t having sex. Aside, Mattie convinces her Mom of the same thing. They’re not having sex – we should help Shawna. Cane (with Charlie) joins the conversation to agree.

Shawna doesn’t want to say anything bad about her Aunt – but she knows she’s in the way – there’s no food and she sleeps on the couch. When Hilary arrives for an update, she scolds Lily (for letting this go on under her roof) and Shawna (for not coming to her) Despite how busy her life is, Hilary takes her role as Shawna’s mentor seriously – she won’t bail on her.

Coming home to an empty house, Nick gets a visit from Mike; who’s confident they can come to a compromise. Back and forth they go. Forget biology – Nick knows he’s the best person to raise Christian. Mike admits it’s his job to drag Sharon through the mud (and he does his job well) BUT – that can be avoided by arbitration. Think about it.

The Ashby’s have agreed that Shawna can stay with them – in Mattie’s room (until they find a more permanent solution) No sneaking around, they warn. Hilary scoffs – you’re going to take their word for it? Yes, she DOES indeed have a better idea – Shawna will move in with her and Devon.

Back at the Abbott house, Jack and Dina will both treasure this day they had together. And yes, Jack promises to remember it for the both of them (when Dina can’t) She’s so sorry she can’t remember Jackie’s Father’s name but will keep trying.

At home, Nick updates Sharon that he tried to reason with his Mom (but she’s as unreasonable as Dad is) Alarmed, Sharon will NOT be the reason Nick loses his son! Nick’s already talked to Britney – they have a date set for arbitration next week. Nick won’t give up Christian OR Sharon ~hug~

Next: Nikki is blackmailed …..Summer cramps Billy and Phyllis’ style …. Hilary takes on a new challenge.

My Thoughts: If Sharon was such an ‘unfit’ parent, she wouldn’t have joint custody of Faith. If we’re to go along with the story as written, Sharon suffered from a mental illness that has now not only been successfully treated – but has morphed her into an amateur psychologist. For every witness Victor could call to discredit Sharon, others could testify on her behalf; IE, her professors at GCU, supervisors on the crisis line etc. Even the Chief of Police could vouch for Sharon. It’s too late now to penalize her for past actions. It’s who Sharon is NOW that matters. Plus, it’s not like Victor has no skeletons in his closet (and he married Sharon so he’s hardly objective)….. Hey, whatever happened to Crystal anyway? Being forced into prostitution lead her to call into the crisis line. I imagine killing a man (even though Zack deserved it) would leave Crystal feeling even more in crisis. The (only) two who worried about her; Sharon and Tessa, seem to have forgotten she exists. And why hasn’t anyone been called to testify in court? Sharon, Abby, Tessa, Scott, Crystal etc. Whatever happened to the other girls? I guess that case was dropped just like the global-price-fixing investigation against Victor that was so important to Chris and Paul (until their ‘spy’ tried to kill him – twice) … Why would Mike even agree to represent Victor in his bid for custody of Christian? He, as much as anyone, knows what kind of man Victor is. I guess coughing up 10 mil to save Lauren’s kid overrides Victor hiring a drug lord to impersonate Jack and rape an unsuspecting Phyllis repeatedly.