Friday, June 8th

Victor’s ignoring Nikki until she says something interesting – he doesn’t respond to threats. You issue them as often as you breathe, Nikki warns Victor that he’s risking the family they just reunited. It won’t be a happy ending. That’s not Victor’s fault – he’s not the one trying to leave town with Christian.

Sharon explains that Nikki only listened to her AFTER considering what Nick had already said. Give your Mom some credit – she’ll make Victor realize this will hurt the whole family. Nick can only hope the arbitrator is fair and rules in Christian’s best interest (which is NOT being raised by Victor)

Unable to concentrate with Shawna talking on the phone while the TV blares, Hilary suggests she hang out with her friend at the club’s pool. Pleased to hear herself described like Hilary, Shawna happily runs upstairs to get ready.

Talking it out, Phyllis is dismayed that Summer seems to have hardened her heart. Is that who you want to be? Take no prisoners? It worked for you, Summer points out with a shrug.

Billy thinks it too soon to discuss a bonus but realizes he underestimated Kyle (who feels Billy’s doing a good job too) There’s one person missing from this love-fest; John Abbott JR belongs at Jabot. Kyle will get his Dad back here – whatever it takes.

Phyllis meets Hilary at CL’s to whine about Summer turning into her Mother; a brassy, in your face sexpot who doesn’t care who she pisses off. Let’s hope she doesn’t stalk a married musician and trap him with another man’s child, Phyllis quips. On to Hilary’s news – she’s living with Devon and sharing a room with Shawna. Both must come up with an idea.

On the CL’s patio, Hilary orders something by phone then calls Devon to say she has a surprise for him – see you at home soon ~click~

Is this really the way to keep Christian close? Nikki asks. Victor made the mistake of letting Chelsea leave with Connor. He won’t repeat it by letting Nick take Christian. Swiping tears, Nikki won’t leave Victor but even if Nick moved, he’d come back – he loves you. I’m here and I love you. I’m not going anywhere, she takes Victor’s hand across the table.

Britney’s flight is on-time, Nick reports to Sharon – both know she gets that being a parent is more than just DNA. Victor can’t chase around after a toddler. Christian would be raised by nannies. But I’m still the problem, Sharon lists why that is. Nick sees her as Christian’s Mother in every way that counts. We’ll show everyone tomorrow that we’re the best – the ONLY people to raise our son ~hug~

Nikki’s not at Sharon’s to see Nick – she’s there to see Sharon about her nasty little blackmail threat.