Monday, June 11th

At home, Nick rehearses what he’ll say on the stand. Speak from the heart; simple and sincere, Britney encourages. Both Nick and Sharon hope Mike and Victor don’t pull anything. Nick won’t lose his son. Britney has no intention of letting that happen.

In the arbitrator’s room, Victor demands Mike make her see that there’s only one right decision here.

Driving through the suburbs Arturo puts his clipboard on the dash and rolls his eyes as a cruiser appears in his rearview; siren and lights on.

On the rooftop, Kyle hopes Abby’s wearing Birthday Suit sunscreen. Hearing that she prefers telecommunicating over working at NE, Kyle suggests she come to where she’ll be appreciated – Jabot. Appearing in the background, Summer lowers her shades to eyeball the pair.

Seated at the club, Jack updates Neil; Dina loved my Father, it wasn’t just a fling. She doesn’t remember his name but encouraged Jack to find him (which is exactly what he plans to do)

Abby admits that working for Billy would be a refreshing change but with both her parents at Newman, she wants to prove her value there. Watching Summer strip down and take a lounge chair, Abby finds herself annoyed by the ‘little exhibitionist’. She’s getting on my nerves too, Kyle claims – but can’t seem to take his eyes off her.

Handing his tablet to Neil, Jack explains that it’s a scan of a GCAC leger from 10 months before he was born. My Father’s name must be on here. Dina’s sure she met her secret lover at the club. Jack will always consider John Abbott his Father – but needs answers to his questions. Neil does indeed understand (after talking to his Mother before she passed) but warns it’s a risky path – some things should remain hidden.

Victor claims that Nikki’s didn’t come to arbitration because Nick’s plan to move to California has caused her MS to flare up. Unbelievable! Sharon sputters in the background. Victor, Nick and their attornies stand to greet the arbitrator. Once they’re reseated, Sharon stands to ask Nick and Victor to work something out on their own. Neither are willing. It’s ‘all or nothing’ for Victor.

Invited to give his opening statement first, Mike talks about Victor’s charity work, his business acumen, devotion to family; especially after nearly dying recently. Nick’s made erratic decisions – given away his money, accepting a job at NE only to change his mind to pursue a lower paying job in California. Nick is Christian’s Uncle – my client shouldn’t lose his grandson – he should be given custody.