Friday, June 8th

You’re home early, Hilary comes out with candlesticks. There’s take out on the coffee table and music on. A thank you for Devon turning his bachelor pad into a full house. Smells delicious, Devon comments. Both are surprised when Shawna comes down. You gotta try the chocolate covered strawberries – amazing, she enthuses.

At Jabot, Phyllis gives Kyle and his abs some credit for Jabot and Fenmore’s big win. Come over tonight to celebrate. Thanks but no thanks (Kyle has no interest in seeing Summer)

Billy comes home to a scantily clad Summer and her attitude. Put this on, he tosses over a robe (which Summer declines) Standing up and strutting over to Billy, she asks why he’s so fixated on her lack of clothing. He thinks clothing appropriate. Summer accuses Billy of being turned on – it’s OK; I think you’re hot too, she sashays away.

Kyle talks business but Phyllis steers the conversation back to him spending time with Summer; she needs a friend and so do you. Yes, Phyllis thinks he’d be good for Summer. Kyle repeats a solid ‘no’ – we’ve both moved on.

As Billy looks through the fridge, Summer’s double entendres continue – most people want hot and fresh, not old leftovers. Knowing she’s not talking about food, Billy’s not playing Summer’s game – I’m in love with your Mother. She’s the only woman for me. Summer persists, then wonders why Billy keeps twisting her innocent words. If you mention this to my Mom, THAT’S what I’m gonna tell her. Marching off, Summer tosses her robe at Billy.

Bumping into Victor at the club, Nick’s asked why he’s not strategizing with his attorney. Nick doesn’t need a strategy – he’s Christian’s Father. He’s mine and I’ll do what it takes to keep him – even if it means stooping to your level.

Sharon wasn’t making a threat, she was motivating Nikki to do the right thing. Nikki knows that Victor won’t walk away from his grandson for her or anyone else. YOU should convince Nick to stay in GC! Nikki will stand by her husband. And Sharon will stand by Nick. Fine – but don’t try to control, threaten or blackmail me, Nikki warns – and if Vikki has to relive that night with JT, I’ll take you down with me, she snarls before exiting.