Friday, June 8th

Well, there she is – good morning sunshine, Phyllis chides Summer for sleeping in. Settling for coffee instead of a Bloody Mary, Summer and her Mom are bickering when Billy comes down to finally step in to call a truce.

Devon comes downstairs to ask Hilary how it was bunking with Shawna. That girl could talk all night, Hilary jokes – but is glad Shawna trusts her (and that she’s having a baby with Devon) School is out! an excited Shawna skips downstairs.

Summers is snide and snarky, Phyllis hisses at Billy (who suggests they vacate the apartment) No – Phyllis is staying; not to ‘hover’, to ‘parent’. Summer reappears to talk about Tequila and her Mom’s nagging. Phyllis barely recognizes the brat Summer’s become. Billy again steps in to defend both, then escapes to work – don’t break anything. Who are you and what have you done with my loving daughter? Phyllis asks Summer.

At home, Nick mopes about tomorrow’s custody hearing. Sharon talked to Nikki and is sure she’ll make Victor back down. Nick talked to his Mom too and it didn’t go well. Why would she go against Victor for you and not me?

Victor thinks meeting Nikki at the club is a nice surprise – until she insists he back off on custody of Christian. You could lose your whole family, including me, she warns.

As Devon heads out, Hilary and Shawna thank him. Now alone, Shawna wonders why Hilary and Devon don’t share a room. We’re taking things slow, Hilary claims (which seems a little silly considering she’s pregnant)

Kyle and his ego are in Billy’s office to hear that his stunt to show his ‘junk’ on-air paid off ‘big time’. One final thought, Kyle raises his shirt to display another hashtag across his abs #bonus_time

Phyllis really doesn’t know who Summer is right now – what happened to you? What didn’t? Luca used me – Austin cheated on me with my Aunt – Sharon had me believing Jack was my Father. All that happened before you left, Phyllis then hears that a guy robbed Summer. I handled it, she won’t elaborate, and no one will hurt her ever again. You’re not invincible – we all get hurt – like when you found out your boyfriend was married, Phyllis presses. No, Summer was relieved.