Thursday, June 7th

Sharon enlists the help of Nikki to help change Victor’s mind about the hearing.

Hilary prepares to go out and search for Devon. Just as shes leaving, in he walks alongside Neil. Devon passes on his key to Shauna, accepting her as a member of the family.

As predicted, Victor buys Summer the car of her dreams. Phyllis feels played.

Vicki is surprised to see her father sat down in her office. Isn’t it nice that Summer is back in town? Cut the crap Dad, let’s talk about the rest of the family, who you seem to treat like crap. How could you offer the C.O.O position to Nick? Vicki warns that Victor can only push his kids so much.

Back at the Penthouse, Devon, Neil, Shauna and Hilary toast (sparkling water) to Shauna. Neil runs back to the office, leaving this new family to figure out sleeping arrangements.

Phyllis attempts to confront Summer about her lack of integrity but Summer is busy catching up with everyone around town. Lets talk later. Billy sees this as an opportunity to make up on some lost time, but Phyllis is too consumed by her shock to care.

Arturo says his departing words to Abby. Victor looks out of place by the pool in full-suit. God, how long have you been standing there?

Nikki tries to explain to Sharon that there is no changing Victor’s mind once it’s made up. Where’s your perseverance Nikki? Don’t put up with Victor’s behavior, he’s doing real damage to Nick. Oh Sharon, this is family business, stay out of it. Sharon threatens to take it as far as she has to if Nikki does not do something to stop Victor.