Thursday, June 7th

Devon and Hilary agree on one thing – Shauna running away was a mistake. But it is with Hilary where Shauna belongs. Devon thinks there’s more they could do for her. Heck, even Hilary is still settling in. Hilary is set in her ways, but Devon is not convinced this is what’s right for them at this time.

Billy brings Summer to work so she can make amends with her mother. Summer tells her mother she knows just the perfect way to do so.

Judging by Hilary’s body language, Shauna can tell things did not go well with Devon. Hilary assures her that Devon will come around, and she has no regrets about taking her in. With words of comfort, Hilary tells Shauna if Devon won’t change his mind, “I’ll make you a home.”

Neil scoffs at Devon’s selfishness. You’re not ready for your life to change so drastically? Take a step back and think of the child for a minute. Think about who raised you, Devon. You are ready, it doesn’t matter how inconvenient it may seem. Neil reminds Devon that his community raised him to be a good man, and that’s all she needs him to be.

Nikki apologizes for the way Arturo feels, though she maintains that he should’ve shown Abby even the smallest bit of transparency. Really Nikki, coming from you? Arturo isn’t shy when it comes to calling Nikki out on her hypocrisy.

Well.. Phyllis and Summer could not come to a consensus. Summer storms out of the office, leaving a damned and disappointed Billy. What did she ask for? A new, fancy sports car. Kyle intervenes, “some things never change.”

Arturo slides his way into conversation with Abby, who’s still sunbathing by the pool. Sick of Arturo trying to justify his actions, Abby decides to stop engaging.. that is until he apologizes. Arturo reveals that he did have a plan to be honest with Abby, just not until things between them were more concrete. How about another shot, Abby? Absolutely not.

Summer and Victor convene to discuss her return. Victor’s thrilled to have her back. So what exactly are Summer’s intentions speaking to Victor.. does she perhaps.. maybe.. want him to buy her a new, fancy sports car?