Monday, June 11th

Britney speaks next – the facts of this case are simple; we’re not here to debate Christian’s paternity – he is Nick’s son; his name is on the birth certificate – he believed he was Christian’s Father until recently. He’s a happy, healthy little boy thanks to the only Father he’s ever known. Removing him from Nick’s care would do irreparable harm.

In the club’s dining room, Kyle takes a seat to appeal to his Father (who admits he was harsh and made mistakes) Kyle wants Jack to come back to Jabot – and Billy agrees. He has some good ideas – we could do even greater things together, Kyle persists. Isn’t it better to continue your life’s work at Jabot? Jack agrees to consider the points Kyle’s made.

On the rooftop, Arturo whines to Summer about his speeding ticket – then jumps up when Abby comes along. Putting her clothes over her bikini, Summer claims that she’s not interested in another triangle with Abby and suggests she give Arturo another chance. After Summer struts off, Arturo asks Abby to talk to him for a few minutes. Make it fast, she agrees.

In the dining room, Jack’s delighted to run into Summer and wastes no time updating her that he’s not really an Abbott.

Entering DNA results into evidence, Mike asks Victor why he concealed them and what changed his mind. Victor had no choice because Nick threatened to cut him off from Christian (his only link to Adam since Connor is gone) Yes, he can provide better emotional and financial security for the boy. Nick makes impetuous decisions – like moving in with Sharon – moving to California. Victor vows to put Christian’s welfare above all else.

Taking her turn, Britney brings up Victor’s two felony convictions. I served my time and regained my position in the community and Newman Enterprises, Victor states. Britney wonders where he will find the time to raise Christian – your other children were raised primarily by their Mother, tutors and nannies. Victor’s changed – he has fewer responsibilities. Bringing up his health and age, Britney then accuses Victor of revealing Christian’s paternity because he’s mad that Nick rejected his job offer. All of your actions are motivated by revenge. Mike’s objection is sustained. No further questions, Britney seems confident.

Now seated with Jack at the club, Summer sympathizes – we will always be family, she reassures. Jack feels something essential is missing. Declaring Summer ‘wise’, he asks for advice (and is told to go book his own journey of self-discovery, like she did)