Monday, June 11th

As Sharon continues to observe in the background, Britney leads Nick in relaying Christian being born prematurely. My love for him was instant and overwhelming. A psychotic doctor told us he died. Sage and I were crushed – she died shortly afterward. Nick becomes emotional as he talks about the bond he shares with Christian. He then talks about his work at New Hope – living with Sharon (who raised Christian the first year of his life) Adam wanted me to raise him – and Connor. Chelsea felt the same way – that’s why she changed her mind and left him. Adam didn’t want our Father to have influence over our kids. He uses us as pawns – pits us against each other (like giving him Vikki’s job) He threatened to take my son to punish me – for perceived betrayal. That’s the kind of man he is (and why Christian should stay with me)

Now alone, Summer’s surprised when Kyle stops by her table. Inviting him to sit down, she knows he must be freaked out that Jack’s not an Abbott. I’m still a somebody – an annoyed Kyle marches away angry.

Arturo tells Abby about today’s speeding ticket; yesterday’s for parking incorrectly – and the city lost permits he filed for. He’s had bad luck ever since their not-so-nice talk the other day. Abby knows exactly who’s to blame for Arturo’s bad luck.

Nick agrees with Mike’s statement that he thinks he’d provide a better home for Christian. Mike then goes over some history and wonders Why Nick’s allowed his kids to have a relationship with their grandfather all this time. Has he been good to them? Yes, Nick admits but when accused of using Christian as a weapon, he stands up to angrily say that Christian is HIS son. The arbitrator threatens to hold him in contempt if he doesn’t calm down.

Back on the rooftop, Kyle asks his Dad if he’s thought about what he said. Yes – Jack’s not coming back to Jabot. He’s taking a break from work to find out who he is (and who Kyle is) I’m doing this for both of us.

Abby suspects her Dad’s behind Arturo’s string of bad luck (for being involved with both her and Nikki)

In the hallway, Britney’s optimistic. It’s not over yet, Sharon worries. Alone in the arbitrator’s room, Victor’s pleased that Mike caused Nick’s outburst – but it’s not enough. You know what needs to be done. Are you sure? Yes, Victor’s sure – my son leaves me no option. The arbitration back in session, Mike calls Sharon as a witness (shocking her, Nick and Britney)

Next: Sharon’s character is questioned …. Abby faces the truth about Arturo … Neil discovers a clue about Dina’s past.

My Thoughts: Victor’s ‘all or nothing’ comment should be enough evidence that he doesn’t have Christian’s best interests at heart and sees him only as a prize to be won or lost. The arbitrator should have called it a day and granted Nick custody. Other witnesses should have been called in (IE Nikki and Vikki) Britney should be asking Victor how many times he’s actually seen Christian; does he even know his birthdate? What he likes to eat? etc …. Abby’s the last one who should be calling Summer a ‘little exhibitionist’. She’s not wrong – but the Naked Heiress must have forgotten that she had an affair with Summer’s husband (Austin)