Tuesday, June 12th

Now seated at the arbitration table, Sharon answers ‘yes’ to Mike’s questions – establishing that Victor’s a good grandfather and that Faith lived with him for a brief time. After a few more ‘yeses’ Mike asks if Sharon’s confident in her answers, given her mental illness.

Lily and Abby catch up at the club; discussing work and Abby’s trip to Miami with Arturo (who Lily thinks so hot he could model) It’s over already? Lily doesn’t believe that and doesn’t think Abby does either.

As summoned, Jack comes over to Neil’s new penthouse to hear that his friend has found Dina’s old journals (acquired when Hamilton Winters bought Mergeron) Neil’s sure they contain information that will lead Jack to his biological Father.

Lily agrees that Arturo should have told Abby about his fling with Nikki. Other than that, Abby lists Arturo’s many fine qualities. Our one kiss was amazing. Another problem; Victor isn’t a fan. Abby assumes Arturo now realizes she’s more trouble than she’s worth.

At CL’s, Arturo gets a call bearing more bad news (the caller cancels their agreement and hangs up)

As expected, Mike questions Sharon on her arrests and three stints in Fairview related to her bipolar disorder. Also as expected, Nick finally stands to bark ‘enough’ as Victor wags a finger at him, warning ‘don’t interfere’. The Judge orders all to calm down – is Sharon ready to proceed? Yes, she gives Nick a confident smile.

Jack’s blown away – you have no idea how much this means to me. This box of info is where Ashley and Traci first found Dina’s memoirs. Neil invites Jack to help himself; he can go up and unpack his own boxes or keep Jack company. With two journals in his hand that fit the timeframe, Jack’s scared as hell to see what’s inside.

Back at the club, Lily cautions Abby not to make a hasty decision by writing off Arturo; if it feels right, go for it.