Tuesday, June 12th

Yes, Sharon underwent electric shock therapy once but her illness is now managed by medication. Ever gone off the meds? Miks asks. Not since Christian came into my life, Sharon’s then asked to tell the tale of Dr Allen making her (and everyone) believe that Christian had died (and that she gave birth to Sully) Mike seems aghast by Sharon’s admission that she withheld the truth from Nick for a full six months after Sage died. Did you reconcile with Nick so you could raise a child you believed was your own (as delusional as that may be)? Britney’s objection is sustained – but the damage is clearly done.

Jack marvels at the gift Neil’s given him (and the warning) It’s terrifying. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Neil jokes – you could find out Victor’s your Dad. Jack had that exact nightmare – thankfully, mathematically it’s not possible. Neil’s pep talk has worked – here we go, Jack begins to read.

Britney enters into evidence a statement from Sharon’s doctor; she has a perfect attendance record with regards to therapy, is a Mother of three, runs a busy coffee shop, takes clinical psychology classes at university and volunteers/supervises a crisis line. After reading aloud glowing words from her professor, Britney asks Sharon about her relationship with Nick. We share a profound friendship and love, for each other and our children. Basically, Sharon will be the maternal figure in Christian’s life but knows Nick is his sole parent. Would Mike like to ask more questions? Oh, yes, he would.

On the rooftop, Abby laughs as she sends a young man off with a ‘thank you – I’ll be in touch’. When Arturo comes along to enquire, Abby explains that he’s a business colleague from Chicago. We just had a bite to eat (casual, not even at a table) She’s sorry to hear that Arturo had a big contracting job canceled – my Father never knows when to back off.

No, Sharon’s not spreading herself too thin; her classes are part-time, hours at the crisis line are flexible and she has competent staff at Crimson Lights. Faith and Christian come first. Yes, Sharon IS confident. Mike again brings up Sharon’s mental illness – is there any guarantee she can maintain this equilibrium? No, of course not. Then you can’t say Christian is safe with you? Mike withdraws the question. After the Judge excuses herself, Nick lashes out at Victor and Mike (who also step out)