Wednesday, June 13th

A depressed Nick comes home to pick up one of Christian’s toys. How can I help you? Sharon follows him in to ask. We can fix this, she’s sure. Nick doesn’t think it matters how hard they fight tomorrow or the next day – today, I have to hand over my son to my Father.

At the penthouse, Devon’s late for a meeting but agrees to dinner later with Hilary. Have a good one. Having lied to Devon about her meeting being canceled, Hilary calls to reschedule. When Shawna comes down to suggest they do something, Hilary has an idea – let’s go.

Billy squirms when Summer sashays into his office. When Phyllis arrives seconds later, he asks for a moment alone with her. Take your time, Summer leaves Phyllis to note that Billy’s tense (and eager to move out of Summer’s apartment) What’s the hurry? Phyllis asks.

At the club, Victor makes a call to prepare a room for the new addition to the household.

Nick assures Sharon that he’s not running away with Christian – he wants to go climb some trees, feed the ducks – be together while we can. Sharon loves them both and would like to come along. OK, Nick agrees and leads the way.

Phyllis expresses NO enthusiasm over the houses Billy shows her online (or moving out of Summer’s place) Summer needs guidance. I need to be there – in her face, Phyllis insists. She’s a grown woman, Billy points out. No, she’s a kid, Phyllis gives Billy a peck to soften the rejection – then joins Summer, Hilary and Shawna (who’s been brought to Jabot to see Phyllis in action) Phyllis would love Shawna to ‘shadow her’ – but not today. How about you? Hilary asks Summer (who jokes that Hilary’s trying to ditch her for the night)

At the park, Sharon’s alarmed when Nick takes a seat on the bench in front of the garden JT’s buried under. He now regrets not going after Victor the way Mike went after Sharon. There’s a reason he won and I lost. I have to change if I want my son back.

Now at CL’s, Shawna tells Hilary that her friends are too busy to hang out. She’ll figure something out tonight. Hilary admits she’s looking forward to spending time with Devon tonight but no, Shawna not ‘in the way’. Feeling guilty, Shawna stands – I’ll find someplace else to live. Sit down! Hilary sternly orders.

In Billy’s office, Summer grumbles about Hilary. Phyllis thinks Shawna a bit young to be around Summer (no, not because she’s a bad influence) Invited to hang out with Phyllis, Summer isn’t thrilled but likes the idea of leaving early and going to the bar for a drink (except she lost her credit card) You didn’t come to hang out – you came to push my buttons, Phyllis realizes – like an ATM.

Still at the park, Nick continues to moan and groan that he’s not as vicious as his Dad; he doesn’t care who he hurts. Sharon knows Nick could never be like his Father. Nick’s pissed that he was outmatched. There’s a reason he won and I lost. I have to become the person who will never lose again.