Tuesday, June 12th

Jack thinks the journal an amazing window into his Mother’s past. Ladies lunch with Kay at The Embers. Decorating. Another fight with John, she’s frustrated by how much he works. Another night at the country club but this one changes everything. I went to the veranda to hear the band play romantic songs. A man appeared; tall, dark and handsome. When he asked me to dance, I felt more alive than I had in years. The universe shifted with our first kiss.

Seated on the rooftop, Abby’s sorry her Dad’s causing Arturo trouble. He didn’t mean to cause trouble for her family either and will deal with Victor himself (and keep his distance from Abby; who looks sad as she watches him leave) Wait, she appears to grab his arm.

After Britney excuses herself to make a call, Sharon apologizes to Nick (who thinks she came off strong, calm and real) You and Britney did a good job – the Judge will see the choice is clear. Yes, Nick really thinks he’ll win this (but doesn’t look so sure)

Jack continues to read Dina’s flowery words – she’s been so busy and happy; just checked into the Stardust Inn. Our secret is safe with the afternoon-shift clerk. No one knows I’m having an illicit affair with….. Oh no! The page is ripped out! Jack fumes. Neil’s almost as frustrated and on the edge of his seat.

Abby’s sat Arturo down in a quiet corner of the rooftop to say that she felt she had to end things – but wants to see him again. She wants to give Arturo a second chance (but understands if he wants to avoid the hassle) Arturo gives Abby a kiss – this is me NOT walking away.

Neil and Jack both skim through journals, frustrated to realize that any mention of the mystery man has been ripped out. Maybe Dina hid them somewhere – Jack is determined to find the missing pages (if they still exist)

Hinting that Sharon’s an issue, the Judge can’t allow Christian to remain in an environment that may be detrimental to him. Victor’s to have temporary custody; Nick will be granted visitation. Full custody will be determined at a later date. After the Judge leaves, Britney reassures Nick ‘it’s temporary’. As Mike looks sickened, Victor asks Nick to pack up Christian’s things – he’ll be by later to pick up his grandson. Mike’s left to watch Sharon and Nick share a weepy hug.

Next: Nick makes a chilling promise …. Charlie is smitten with Shawna …. Billy presses Phyllis to make a change.