Thursday, June 14th

The only two at the big table, Arturo tells Victor that he likes Abby (then lists all the negative things occurring since he started seeing her) Abby doesn’t need to be protected from me – and I’m not going anywhere. If you hurt her, you’ll find out how ruthless and powerful an enemy I can be, Victor snarls. When the ladies return, Arturo gives Abby a quick kiss and leaves the Newman family to it. As the nanny carries Christian over, Nick and the kids arrive. ‘Daddy’ Christian bleats (and is handed to Nick) The rest of the family, silent.

Nick tells the family how Victor used Sharon’s illness to get custody of Christian. Victor defends himself and blames Nick – and Sharon. He won’t have his devotion to family questioned, especially today. Nick grabs a wine glass and raises it to toast Victor; a Father in name only – Happy Father’s Day, he drinks.

Lily catches Charlie and Shawna kissing on the sofa. She’ll be keeping an eye on them – get used to it.

Looking at the journal, Kyle agrees the missing pages must contain the name of Jack’s Father. Dina does carry a box around – maybe the pages are in there. Jack asks Kyle to distract Dina while he has a look.

Devon and Lily both say a little speech about their amazing Dad. Mattie goes next, then Charlie. Happy Father’s Day, all clink glasses.

Jack’s brought Dina’s box of treasures into the living room. What are you doing with that? Dina comes in to snatch it away and march out. Kyle rejoins Jack – did you find the pages? No, but Jack did find a key (maybe the key to finding his Father)

The Newman’s look aghast as Nick says goodbye to Christian – promising that next year they’ll have a real Fathers Day. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Victor warns. Nick vows to keep this one.

Next week: Summer sneaks up behind Billy to say ‘looks like someone’s a naughty boy’ …. Kyle and Jack have opened a safety deposit box. Holding a piece of paper, Jack is astonished – Phillip Chancellor could be my Father …. Nick proposes to Sharon …. Mariah approaches Kyle and Summer on the rooftop – I’m guessing it’s causal Wednesday – and by casual I mean semi-nude…. Vikki’s laptop emits a robo-voice message; Hello. I’m sorry to tell you. Your secrets aren’t safe anymore.