Thursday, June 14th

A bubbly Abby bursts over to where her family is seated to give her Father a peck. You don’t mind that I brought Arturo, she asks rhetorically, practically giddy. I’m starving, Abby takes a seat (Victor, Nikki, and Vikki are stunned speechless)

Now dressed and downstairs, Shawna relays a lackluster phone call with her Dad – then takes credit for Hilary spending the night in Devon’s room. After a kiss, Devon goes to make breakfast – leaving Hilary to thank Shawna (who jokes that she’s a good role model) Everyone who sees you with Devon can tell you belong together. Not everyone, Hilary frowns.

The Ashby’s are now at Neil’s penthouse – to give him a ‘stylish’ new briefcase. Cane pulls up his pant leg to show off his new Dad-socks. After Cane and the kids head to the kitchen for more food, Lily gives her Dad a ‘do not disturb’ sign for his door (to keep Hilary away) She promises to be nice when Devon and Hilary come over.

Faith gives Nick a gift from Christian; a #1 Dad keychain. She doesn’t understand why the Judge thinks Christian’s better off with grandpa. Disappointed when Summer texts to say she’s stuck with her friends, Nick sends Faith upstairs – then they’ll all go do something.

Victor doesn’t remember sending Abby a +1. And shouldn’t Arturo be spending the day with his Dad? He doesn’t live in GC. At Abby’s insistence, the ladies leave Arturo to have a word with Victor; who glares – OK, it’s just you and me now.

Kyle and Jack discuss Dina regressing to childhood (a first) And if her Father left their family, it could explain a lot (like Dina leaving hers) Kyle sees nothing wrong with Jack wanting to know who his biological Dad is – and is proud of his Dad (and his full head of hair)