Thursday, June 14th

Faith’s made a Father’s Day card from her and Christian (who signed with his handprint) Is Christian still sleeping? He’s not here, Nick finally admits sadly.

At the club, Vikki tells her Mom that Katie and Johnny are back at her place (with Summer home, the apartment was getting crowded) Reed called – he’s so disappointed that he didn’t hear from his Father. I can barely keep it together, she admits. When Victor arrives carrying Christian (the nanny at his side), Vikki assumes Nick’s on his way. No, and the day’s about to get a lot more challenging, Nikki murmurs.

Hilary and Devon bid each other ‘good morning’. Last night was wonderful, they agree (still in bed) Hilary giggles – she just thought of something. Happy Father’s Day ~kiss~

The Ashby’s meander through the park, eating ice cream and joking. Too bad Sam’s sleeping through this (in his stroller) I’m the luckiest Dad in the world, Cane embraces his family.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack bursts into laughter when Kyle opens the door and wishes him Happy Father’s Day.

Kyle all but pushes Jack out the front door. The reason Jack’s laughing is that he doesn’t know who his Father is on Father’s Day. I put the happy in Happy Father’s Day, Kyle takes his Dad inside. Ashley’s not home and he’s in charge of Dina until the nurse arrives. Inside, Dina seems to have reverted to a little girl. She’s made a card for my Daddy. After Dina goes to get ready for church, Jack reads the card aloud (a lot of ‘please come home Daddy’) Jack had no idea Dina’s Father left her.

Updated by Nick and Sharon (that Christian is Uncle Adam’s and is staying with Victor) Faith cries – Grandpa’s wrong; Christian belongs here, with us.