Wednesday, June 13th

Still at CL’s, Hilary asks Shawna to put her phone down and ignore Charlie’s texts so she can apologize for not being honest in saying she needed some space (to be with Devon) She also admits that Lily’s part of the reason she asked Shawna to move in (to show Lily that she could do it) When Charlie comes along, Shawna says she’ll need Hilary’s permission for what she has in mind for tonight.

After Phyllis walks off to take a call, Summer steps back into Billy’s office – got a minute?

Now home and Christian upstairs asleep, Sharon comes down to find Nick packing up and throwing a hissy fit. Let me help you, she runs out behind him as Nick carries a box through the front door.

Devon comes home to find the table set complete with wine glasses and fancy name cards on plates. Hilary? he calls out. Shawna comes out with Charlie to say this is her idea – she had to talk Hilary into it. Where is she? Hilary makes a grand entrance as she comes downstairs to return Devon’s smile.

Nick plonks his cardboard box down on Victor’s table at the club. Sorry if I interrupted your celebratory Tequila. You’re about to have a little boy come to live with you – why aren’t you home preparing? I have staff for that, Victor says dismissively (as other diners watch) Barely able to control his anger, Nick gives Victor instructions – this is Christian’s favorite book. This is his blanket. You won’t be able to make him feel better when he cries while your staff washes it. You’re making a scene, Victor scowls (as Sharon appears in the background)

Phyllis isn’t happy to walk into Billy’s office as he’s handing Summer money. She lost her card and I told her ‘no’. Wagging her finger, Phyllis lectures Summer on being spoiled and unemployed. OK, how close were you with YOUR Mom at my age? Summer’s just trying to live her life – sorry I’m such a disappointment, she exits and makes a call – it’s Summer Newman – do you have a minute to talk?

Devon and Hilary are seated with plates of food in front of them. We’ll be gone for a while. And don’t touch the dishes, Shawna leaves with Charlie. Hilary admits to Devon that she hurt Shawna’s feelings by trying to pawn her off. She set this up because she knows I wanted to be alone with you. Devon looks smitten.

Nick pulls out Christian’s favourite socks – then bandages; keep them in Christian’s backpack at all times. What are you doing? I’m helping you be a parent- what you didn’t do with me. Christian’s a person, not a pawn. Don’t screw this up, Nick growls. This is war. I’ve spent a year telling that boy I’ll never leave him. You’ve made me a liar. I prayed by your bedside every day when you almost died. We’ll never come back from this. I’m going to take everything away from you that ever mattered, Nick vows – including family. THIS is the moment you begin to lose. Sharon’s left to give Victor a deer in the headlights look.