Wednesday, June 13th

Back home, Nick’s looking at himself in the mirror when Sharon comes in and runs into his arms. She’s very impressed and thinks Victor heard Nick and seemed scared. Nick knows who he has to be. You won’t be alone, Sharon reassures.

Summer’s back in Billy’s office to admit that her Mom’s right. I do need to get a job. Maybe you can hire me. It’s a hard no, from Billy. OK, Summer will go with Plan B; Lauren offered me a job in marketing. I’ll be just down the hall for fun and games. I love this job already, Summer smirks and bounces out.

At CL’s, Shawna thanks Charlie for helping her. Hilary and Devon aren’t the only ones who need a nudge, she gives Charlie a kiss.

Devon and Hilary are now dancing and joking – and kissing – and then they run upstairs to the bedroom.

Sharon and Nick are playing with Christian when Victor arrives (with Christian’s nanny) Hey, my boy, Victor says. Nick tells Christian that he’ll be staying with grandpa for a bit. Never forget how much Daddy loves you. After Nick and Sharon are done, Victor tells the nanny to ‘go ahead’. Nick hands Christian over and stifles his cry as the woman leaves Victor to grunt ‘sorry, it’s the only way’. Nick vows to one day say the same words to Victor. Now alone, Nick and Sharon cling to one another.

Next: The Newman’s share a tense Father’s Day…. Devon and Hilary celebrate their reunion … Jack makes a surprising discovery.

My Thoughts: Unless I misheard, Sharon told Nick that Christian was sleeping upstairs – then they both went to the club and left him by himself? Perhaps I missed Sharon mentioning that Mariah was upstairs? But that can’t be – surely she’d have come down to see what Nick’s so pissed off about. Surely she’d want to spend some time with Christian too? He might not be her brother but she must have formed some sort of bond with the toddler she shares a home with. And did Sharon drive her own car? Following Nick to the club and back home? Or is she just a very slow walker and/or Nick’s marching at a fast pace? …. This whole Summer thing is so annoying. It’s just a matter of time before Billy’s caught in a compromising position. Why wouldn’t he just tell Phyllis that his daughter’s making him feel uncomfortable? All he has to do is stop sharing a bed with Phyllis and she’d agree to move out in a hurry. Why does she think she needs to be in Summer’s face anyway? Often a parent and their grown child get along better when each has his/her own space. Phyllis wants to be Summer’s siamese twin yet she barely mentions Daniel at all (or her granddaughter Lucy) … Devon and Hilary are a yawn-fest. I couldn’t care less that they’re back together. That said, Hilary probably shouldn’t be running on the stairs in heels while pregnant (especially considering how often stairs cause women in GC to miscarry) … Nick hates his Father so much that he wants to be just like him? That makes great sense. And what exactly is his visitation schedule? Should he have asked before handing Christian off to the nanny. Of course Victor can’t carry the kid himself. Odd that Faith wasn’t there to say goodbye to her brother. And what happened to Nikki? I wonder if Nick will find out his Mother’s secret and use it to get his son back. That would be a Victor move… What 18 month old has a favourite pair of socks? … Why would Lauren hire Phyllis’ daughter without so much as mentioning it to her? And since when did Jabot include a Fenmore’s ‘wing’ on the executive floor no less?