Friday, June 15th

Save your breath (Nick refuses to end things with Sharon) She’s a liability, Britney gently explains. Nick doesn’t see the harm in Sharon parenting Christian. She’s a great Mother; she loves him. The Judge might rule that Sharon be no part of Christian’s life. You might have to choose between Christian and Sharon.

On the patio, Sharon confides in Vikki (who offers to talk to her Dad) Nikki didn’t get through to him, Sharon sees no point and blames herself. Vikki’s sorry her Dad stooped so low. Victor’s capable of anything, Sharon knows.

Coffee in hand, Summer returns to Gloria’s vacant desk to spar some more with Kyle. Phyllis comes out with Billy to say that Summer’s job is a go. Noting the ‘sizzling energy and combustion’ between Kyle and Summer, Billy puts them both on the project. Neither are happy.

Still at the park, Jack ends a call with Mr Hoffman. It was indeed good news, he tells Vikki (when she happens by) that he’s ready to start the next chapter of his life.

Nick stops by the club’s bar to chat with Summer and Phyllis. Sure, he’ll have lunch with them; it’ll make up for Summer not seeing her Dad on Father’s Dad. Huh? Phyllis was under the impression Summer spent the entire day with Nick. Summer hopes it wasn’t a big deal. It kinda was, Nick has to be honest.

Britney in her office, Vikki tells her that she would testify on Nick’s behalf. He’s the best person to raise Christian. What Dad’s doing is wrong. No one has the right to keep a son from his Father. Hits close to home, doesn’t it? Britney makes Vikki nervous – she’d rather not talk about JT and will never know why he changed. You sound so sure – he’ll have to come back one day, Brit figures.

At Jabot, Jack updates Kyle that the key belongs to a safe deposit box in town. As Dina’s Power of Attorney, Jack has authority to open it. Kyle insists on tagging along.

Seated for lunch, Summer apologizes to her Dad; I should have been there for you. Nick forgives her easily. Summer’s sure that Christian will always love Nick as his Dad (because he’s the best) After Summer excuses herself, Nick tells Phyllis that Victor used Sharon’s mental illness against her/him. Having also once been deemed an unfit Mother, Phyllis sympathizes. Summer then returns with a cupcake complete with candle for Nick – make a wish.