Friday, June 15th

Vikki thinks JT would just cause more problems if he came back – he’d have to go to court. Offering to represent JT, Brit suggests Vikki knows where he is. Vikki doesn’t – but JT being gone is best for everyone.

Sharon puts a song on the jukebox. Getting an urgent text from Nick, she puts Lizzie in charge and hurries out.

Nick’s sorry to have taken Sharon away from her work. Yes, something happened after she left – Britney thinks Dad’s going to use our relationship to keep custody of Christian. Sharon understands and won’t fight reality – I have to break up with you.

Back at Jabot, Summer whines about having to work with Kyle. Phyllis won’t try to change Billy’s mind – YOU talk to him. Behind his desk, Billy claims he’s busy. Summer closes the office door and wonders if she’s working with Kyle because Billy’s afraid to work with her.

Jack and Kyle are now staring at the safety deposit box. It’s empty. Wait, not it’s not. Jack reaches his hand in to pull out a photograph. It looks like it was taken in the 50’s. The guy next to her isn’t John Abbott, but Jack knows him.

Opening the door again, Billy’s not being weird with Summer, he’s establishing boundaries. If you want to build a bond with your Mother, why not work at Fenmore’s? Summer sees more opportunities at Jabot. Phyllis appears – am I interrupting? No, Summer was just telling Billy that she’ll show him how much he means to her (with a saucy smile she exits)

Fate – destiny – Nick just knows he’s meant to be with Sharon. It’s not impossible. He lists all they’ve gone through in this home – we’ve been through so much. No one will take this away from us. And on bended knee, he pops open a ring box – marry me, Sharon.

Jack lists off the people in the photo – Dina, John, Katherine and Phillip Chancellor. There’s text on the back; Fall formal at the GCAC. It’s dated nine months before Jack was born. Dina slept with her best friend’s husband? Kyle wonders. Jack’s astonished; Phillip Chancellor could be my Father.