Thursday, June 21st

I’m a gambling addict, Billy admits. Summer didn’t know that and scoffs that it’s as bad as drug or alcohol addiction. You were in total control last night. Plus, you bought a racehorse. Philly was a gift for your Mom, Billy explains his gambling almost cost him everything; the drive to feed the addiction almost took my life. I got a wake-up call and got clean. He doesn’t want everyone worried about him. Summer understands and promises to keep the secret.

After Summer goes upstairs, Phyllis arrives to surprise Billy – looks like you had a rough night. What did I miss?

Alone in the office, Abby sympathizes with Vikki and hopes he plans to attend Nick’s party. Are you bringing Arturo? Isn’t it a bit weird that your boyfriend slept with your stepmother? Abby downplays the relationship and ignores a text form Arturo (asking where she went last night) They’re back to discussing JT when Mac suddenly appears with news to tell Vikki (in private)

At the top of the staircase, Summer listens as Billy lies to Phyllis – he didn’t sleep well last night without her. Kicking something under the couch (a poker chip?) and not correcting Phyllis’ assumption that Summer’s at work, Billy leaves with her.

Nick and Sharon come down dressed up for their party to find Mariah’s bought then an engagement gift (correctly assuming that’s the occasion) How did you know? You guys left lots of clues (which Mariah lists) Praising both, a teary-eyed Mariah wants to be the first to say that Nick and Sharon making their way back to each other give her hope. You deserve each other and Christian ~group hug~

JT’s been using his credit card, Mac tells Vikki. She called them and learned that all the charges are legit – here’s a copy. It’s been used in several states – the last being Iowa. It’s an old card that JT barely used. Mac went to tell Paul but he already knew. She’s surprised Vikki wasn’t updated. Vikki’s not – the police think I’m protecting JT. Mac knows better but also thinks JT will contact Vikki.

Still in a bubbly mood and oblivious as to what went on in her absence, Phyllis talks to Billy and Summer about Nick’s party today.