Thursday, June 21st

Nikki arrives on the rooftop early to immediately ask for a word with her son. After Mariah and Sharon go to check on staff, Nikki knows Nick must be furious – Victor should never have gone after custody. She’s so sorry. Nick’s sorry his Mom’s stuck in the middle and glad she’s helping take care of Christian. Focus on him. Dad will learn that some damage is beyond repair.

Mac thanks Vikki for being so kind and supporting of her since JT disappeared – you deserve justice/closure. I have so much respect for you. Humble, Vikki’s just trying to cope – how are your kids? They ask if they’ll ever see their Father again, Mac laments that JT made selfish choices and left us to deal with the fallout ~hug~

Clinking glasses, Nick and Sharon don’t tell Phyllis, Billy or Summer what the occasion is. Phyllis whispers that she doesn’t see an engagement ring. When Summer excuses herself to go to the bar, Abby ignores her and another text from Arturo. Nikki appears to say she’s glad Abby didn’t bring him – only because he’ll break Abby’s heart. Mariah takes a few jabs at Summer before agreeing to join her for a drink.

Vikki’s distracted when Billy talks about taking the kids to the zoo. Both are tired and stressed – let’s just enjoy the party. As Phyllis and Nikki chat with Nick and Sharon (about Victor) Abby comes over to update Vikki that Dad tracked the boxes – they were shipped from Iowa. Guess who’s credit card they were charged to? ‘JT’s’ Vikki answers.

The four ladies chat – Of course Phyllis and Sharon are sure JT’s dead – we checked his pulse. His card must have been stolen. Nikki wishes they could erase what happened that night but it’s impossible that he’s alive. Yes, impossible all agree. Vikki looks nervous.

When Nick and Sharon make their big announcement, Mariah’s the only one to look happy. Victor arrives on cue to congratulate Nick on ensuring he gets permanent custody of Christian. You shouldn’t have come, Nikki hisses at Victor. That’s OK – Nick won’t have their celebration ruined and is sure he’ll get Christian back. You know what you’re doing is wrong and I won’t quit until I have my son back. Victor smirks in his face.