Friday, June 22nd

Abby accosts her Dad at the bar – was it really necessary to crash the engagement party? Across the rooftop, Sharon clinks Nick’s champagne flute; seeing him stand up to Victor was downright sexy. Vikki comes over to update that Mom went home (furious) Nick’s glad his Mom’s there to watch over Christian and after Vikki leaves, takes Sharon over to needle Victor on his way out (he’s leaving with his fiancee while Victor’s going home alone)

The sun rises on a new day.

Yes, Kyle lives in the poolhouse but Mrs Martinez makes breakfast in here. Now also a resident, Abby announces that she wants to forget all about Arturo (who shows up at the door as she opens it to leave) No, we can’t talk. You’re trespassing on private property, Abby stomps off.

At CL’s, Sharon’s surprised to hear that Nick’s PI got a lead on JT – then pretends to be surprised at the news that his credit card has been used in Iowa. Sharon suggests JT ditched it and it was found (like the phone) OR – JT could be on his way back to GC, Nick thinks.

Arriving home, Devon’s happy to carry Hilary’s luggage in (since she’s carrying his baby) Oh how happy they are ~kiss~

Seated on the rooftop, Jack barks into his phone – I’m out of options – call me when you have the paperwork filed. He’s staring at the old photo when Kyle arrives as summoned to hear that Jill refused authorization to exhume Philip (Cane got to her) No, Jack doesn’t want to run Chancellor Industries. It’s a moot point – he’s out of options. Kyle has an idea – let’s go.

Abby congratulates Nick and Sharon at CL’s – she’s sorry Dad showed up last night. Have a good one, she leaves them to chat about JT. When Nick decides to go update Vikki, Sharon jumps to accompany him. When Arturo arrives, Abby again has nothing to say to him and again walks away.

Devon and Hilary joke, go over their history and vow to tell each other the truth. When Shawna comes down texting, Hilary detects something’s wrong and shoos Devon off to work and grabs Shawna’s phone to ask ‘what’s wrong’? Shawna thinks she scared Charlie off.

Abby’s NOT happy when Arturo gets on the elevator at NE. Despite workers listening and exchanging looks, Arturo continues to pester Abby (who, for a third time, walks away once the elevator stops at her floor)