Friday, June 22nd

In Vikki’s office, Nick’s theory is shot down by both his sister and Sharon. JT wouldn’t come back here. If anything, he’d go to DC to see his kids. Nick knows you wouldn’t protect JT, Sharon assures Vikki (who doesn’t hear HIM saying that) You’re not welcome here, Victor strolls in to say. You weren’t welcome at my engagement party, Nick responds. I guess you don’t want to hear what I found out about JT. What about JT? Victor grunts.

Arturo chases Abby into the breakroom. He has no idea why she left last night – what am I missing? The gene that makes you a decent guy, Abby finally mentions the bra she found – and you guessed it – walks out.

Arriving at the office, Devon sounds all serious as he sits across from Charlie – this isn’t about work – it’s about Shawna.

Hilary turns her phone off to show Shawna that she’s there for her 100%. Why do you feel you scared Charlie away? I told him I wasn’t a virgin. Now he won’t answer my texts. If he IS judging you, he doesn’t deserve you, Hilary’s supportive.

Already aware that JT’s card is being used, Victor thanks Nick anyway and asks that they put their differences aside to find JT and protect Vikki (who doesn’t like being talked about as if she weren’t in the room) After Sharon and Vikki go for coffee, Nick and Victor have a stare down.

Not sure why Kyle’s brought him to the house, Jack vows that he’ll dig Philip up himself if Chance and Philip III refuse to take a DNA test. What’s Kyle’s idea anyway? ‘Me’, Dina announces as she pauses on the staircase to smile.

Devon thought everything was cool between Charlie and Shawna. It was – until she told me she wasn’t a virgin. Being a virgin’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Devon reassures his nephew. I was ‘behind the curve’ at your age. Be yourself. Too late – I let her think I wasn’t a virgin. If you like Shawna be honest with her.

In the breakroom, Sharon worries – what if JT isn’t dead? Are you crazy? Vikki hisses – we buried him. What if his pulse was too faint for us to feel? What he if dug himself out. Vikki wishes that were true – then we wouldn’t be murderers and the kids would have their Dad. Sharon remembers thinking she killed Cameron Kirsten. If it can happen once, it can happen again.

Stop and listen to me, Arturo demands. Abby now apparently feels like talking to the lying, cheating scumbag who slept with her stepmother and danced with her niece. We are DONE. The bra belongs to Lola – Arturo calls his sister and puts her on the phone. Yeah, purple – with lace. Yes, he’s very nice. I look forward to meeting you as well, Abby ends the call and apologizes with a kiss. Getting a text, Abby has to go in a hurry.

Vikki and Sharon return to find Nick and Victor discussing the possibility that JT’s using a decoy. Abby walks into Vikki’s office to ask if she got the email that was sent out; ‘check out Pat Harvey’s newscast – Newman Enterprises won’t recover from this’.