Friday, June 22nd

Kyle excuses himself so Jack can show Dina the old photo – where did you find it? In a safety deposit box. Dina doesn’t recall – but it must have been very important to me. Putting her glasses on, she points at the photo – that’s Katherine – that’s me. And that’s him – that’s your Father.

At the penthouse, Hilary and Devon share what Shawna and Charlie told them and blame social media. Oh what great parents we’ll be. Thank you for making this happen, Hilary kisses Devon.

It was a complicated time, Dina doesn’t remember if John was there the night the photo was taken. Is Philip Chancellor my Father? Jack asks. Yes, Dian nods through her tears. Philip is your Father. You just changed my life Mother, Jack’s also emotional.

All gather around Vikki’s laptop. And in business news – the CEO of NE, Victor Newman is the victim of a cyber attack that leaked his medical records. The business tycoon has allegedly been hiding a serious medical condition after a near-fatal fall at his ranch. It doesn’t bode well for the company. Questioned by all, Victor admits he’s seeing a specialist. It’s nothing serious – he hasn’t even told Nikki about it. He’s also sure that only one person could have been behind this leak – JT Hellstrom.

My Thoughts: I’m not sure why but I always find it jarring when they open with a scene from one day then switch to the next morning. Like that one brief scene on the rooftop last night couldn’t have been tacked on to yesterday’s show? Nikki was so angry at Victor that she left the party early last night – but we don’t get to a scene in which she confronts him? Why couldn’t they have brought … There’s something just plain wrong about Sharon watching any interaction between Nick and his Father and thinking it ‘sexy’ – because she’s been married to Nick and his Father … If Arturo was so determined to speak to Abby, why didn’t he go to the house last night? And if she wants to be taken seriously as an executive at Newman Enterprises, she should refrain from squabbling with her boyfriend in public. I’m sure the entire building knows by now (I know gossipy old ladies when I see ’em) …. Could Nick and Sharon’s engagement party be any lamer? Was the rooftop closed for this non-event? How is it that a man who owned a bar and runs a huge charity project and a woman who goes to university, works a crisis line and a busy coffee shot – have absolutely NO friends to invite to celebrate their engagement… The Abbott mansion should have a revolving door just like the GCAC – it makes no sense that Kyle and Abby are living there. Poor Mrs Martinez … I wouldn’t have guessed that Philip Chancellor would turn out to be Jack’s Father. Of course, he’ll try to worm his way into Chancellor Industries. But as Neil stated, the company was sold – he has no legal stake in it… I don’t usually advertise programs but someone just sent me a link to a commercial for a show I’ve never seen. CNN’s’Shades of America’ goes to Canada on Sunday (10pm) I’ll be watching because I think I recognized Toronto’s Kensington Market in the background (one of my favourite places)