Monday, June 25th

Now alone in the CEO office, Phyllis gushes about Summer. She knows how to roll the dice, Billy agrees. With a large photo in hand, Billy then announces that he bought a yacht. It’s a 5 star hotel on water; a party boat to end all party boats (that’s also for business) The name? ‘Jaboat’ – pretty cool, right? Without saying a word, Phyllis turns on her heel and leaves.

Still and the park and still giving Victor grief, Nikki points out that his health affects her, the kids and Christian. No, Victor didn’t get custody of Christian to prove he has the stamina. Of course the boy misses Nick – but they’re together now. With the nanny you appointed supervising them, Nikki adds. Victor then gets an urgent message from Neil – there’s an online expose of his medical records!

Crossing paths as both are ready to leave Jabot, Kyle apologizes for being so harsh with Summer earlier – and shutting her out because he didn’t want to share the spotlight. How did you get Billy onboard so easily? Kyle wonders. Who cares? Kyle does. Never mind that, Summer suggests they go up to the rooftop. It’s closed, Kyle states. Even better – we can break the rules and have the rooftop to ourselves.

Coming home to what appears to be an empty apartment, Billy leaves Phyllis a long winded message about using the yacht to entertain business associates, the press – and reward top salespeople. It’s a good bet. Call me please. Hanging up, Billy sees Phyllis at the top of the staircase; wearing a sexy captain’s hat, complete with hat and high heels. You had me at Jaboat ~kiss~

Eating in the club’s dining room, Mariah and Tessa joke about Hilary (who thinks she invented pregnancy) Both open to collaborating on a song, Tessa ignores a text and quickly assures Mariah that’s she’s not seeing anyone – it’s just a friend. Wanting to show Tessa her notes on a new segment she’s working on, Mariah’s alarmed to realize she must have left them on the rooftop (now closed) No problem – as Devon’s assistant, Tessa has keys.

Shedding her dress – the her bra and panties, Summer encourages Kyle – it’s nothing neither of us have seen before (and you did flash your junk on TV) Worried about the effects of cold water? Summer teases before diving in. Kyle hurries to shed his clothes too.

Given a deck of cards, Billy wonders what they’re for. Think about it, sailor, Phyllis teases and runs upstairs. Catching the hat she tosses Billy runs up behind her.