Monday, June 25th

Toweling off, Kyle admits he had fun, but it’s still a bit weird because we’re exes. Mentioning that Summer stole a car, Kyle wonders if this bad girl persona is all an act? Dropping her towel, Summer lives in the moment. No sooner has Kyle dropped his towel, the lights go on. Oh my God! Mariah gasps (Tessa at her side)

In Vikki’s office, Victor’s left messages on her cell and home number. He then gets a text from Neil – the article was just posted online. How serious is it? Nikki looks over Victor’s shoulder as he looks at his tablet. It’s a disaster, Victor looks grim.

Victor gives Nikki more bad news – NE’s three biggest clients are ready to walk. They aren’t sure who’s in charge due to these leaks. No one called me, Victor wonders if Vikki and Ashley told the press that they’re running NE. He’ll make a call and get this handled.

Billy and Phyllis are playing strip poker in bed. After winning nearly every hand (and losing only his socks) Billy throws a game and removes his shirt. It’s make out time.

Both she and Kyle wrapped in towels, Summer challenges Mariah and Tessa to go skinny dipping (which Tessa seems up for) Mariah worries snowflake will steal their clothes. When Kyle slips up, Summer seems to clue in that something’s going on. Maybe Mariah and I can hook up, she jokes. Making it clear that she’s not interested, Mariah exits (with Tessa)

Now dressed, Summer denies that she hates Mariah – she just needs to lighten up. I thought we could all go skinny dipping. When Kyle apologizes again for what he said after the meeting, Summer hopes they’re friends. We’re not enemies, Kyle flirts.

Still in bed, Phyllis knows Billy was throwing games. He appreciates her support re: the yacht (especially since Jack and Ashley wont approve) Even if Phyllis hated the yacht, she’s still support Billy. You can tell me anything ~kiss~

Victor ends a call that doesn’t go well. Seems another company is leaving NE. JT doesn’t realize the collateral damage he’s causing; thousands will lose their jobs. The photos we took in the park won’t be enough, he tells Nikki.