Wednesday, June 27th

Billy wouldn’t help Cane even if he could (and shows him the door)

Big night? Phyllis thinks Summer’s dress is a little too little. It’s perfect for where I’m going, Summer wonders if her Mom’s jealous – I’m going to a party and you’re home drinking alone. Have a fun night, she leaves.

On the rooftop, Hilary and Mariah prep Victor (who excuses himself to speak to Vikki) He better be ready to go on the air when that red light goes on, Hilary hisses at Neil. Aside, Vikki warns Victor that going on TV will make him a target; JT will know exactly where you are. Victor calls his bodyguard over (who agrees) Good, Victor wants JT to come for him. Having a few words with Hilary, Vikki then chats with Mariah. No, she’s not concerned about all the people coming and going – you never know who’ll pop up on live TV.

Joining Kyle at the club’s bar, Summer’s not happy to see that he is indeed on a date (who he met through a dating site) Have fun at your party, Kyle says as he takes drinks over to Tiffany (seated across the room)

Billy comes home to follow a trail of candles – which lead to a scantily clad Phyllis lounging on the balcony. She’s not concerned about the neighbors at all – let’s do something spontaneous. Where’s this coming from? Billy wonders. Phyllis doesn’t want them to become boring. We won’t – Billy decides to give the neighbors a show ~kiss~

Summer provides the password and enters a suite at the club to join in on the poker game.

Cane drops by Lily’s office to say that he’s not worried about Jack – he should be worried about ME. Drink downstairs? Lily has a better idea.

Hilary does an introduction and asks Victor to describe the attack. Yes, Victor did almost die but thanks to the great staff at GCM, he’s made a full recovery. The rumors? They were created by a hacker. Victor’s back 100% and running his company. On the sidelines, Vikki and Neil look worried when Victor fumbles his words and drops his water. When Hilary calls for a commercial break, Vikki asks the bodyguard to keep an eye out – then is startled when Kyle appears.