Wednesday, June 27th

Billy and Phyllis are under a blanket and joking about the show they put on for the neighbors. No, we’re definitely not boring. Going in for drinks, Billy sees that he’s missed calls from Summer. She’s also sent him a text with the suite number; she needs his help asap. When Summer continues to text him, Billy claims he has to go take care of something at work. That’s me – Mr Indispensable, he sighs.

Cane and Lily are sitting in their backyard, looking up at the stars, kissing and enjoying a bottle of wine.

Summer steps into the hallway to tell Billy that she’s in trouble and can’t leave the game until she settles up. You can’t tell my Mom. How much? 100? 200? 500? No, Summer needs 10K. Billy only has 700 on him. When she begs, Billy goes in and takes her seat at the table – deal me in.

When Hilary continues the interview, Victor talks about resuming his duties as CEO as soon as he was released from the hospital. While going on about how healthy he is, Victor again is at a loss for words – then begins shouting at JT (through the camera) I’ll hunt you down! Victor demands JT comes out to face him. You took on the wrong man!!! I’ll get you! All look distressed by Victor’s outburst.

Those two stars are us, Cane gets all sappy. After the stress with Jack, he really needed this time with Lily. They exchange I love you’s and a kiss. Mattie comes out to ask if they’re done being mushy. No, not even close. Mattie goes back inside when her parents start kissing again.

The poker game intense, Billy wins yet another hand and rakes in his chips. That will cover Summer and he’s cashing the rest out. Summer gives Billy a grateful hug and promises this won’t happen again. Of course Billy won’t tell Phyllis. Realizing that Summer didn’t need cash to settle up, Billy learns that she spent every penny of her trust fund and is deeply in debt.

Now calm, Victor ups his reward for anyone who finds JT – and apologizes for getting ‘a little angry’. When Hilary asks about the plans for NE Victor mentioned, Victor can only stammer that he’s going to do great things with his company. During another commercial break, Neil and Vikki try to get Victor to end the interview. Refusing, Victor barks that he’s fine dammit!