Thursday, June 28th

At CL’s, a worried Nikki fusses over Victor – he’s never gone off the rails during an interview before. Rationalizing his anger and touting his good health, Victor checks his phone when it beeps – looks like JT has struck again.

Catching Billy in his office, Phyllis notes that he came home late last night and left early. How did the crisis with the shipping department go last night? Billy’s silence and expression lead Phyllis to believe something went wrong last night – what happened?

Sharon’s a nervous wreck as she and Nick tidy the house in anticipation of the social worker’s visit. Stopping by to wish them luck, Vikki reassures Sharon that she’s an excellent Mother. Sharon still worries she could blow Nick’s chances of getting Christian back.

It’s all worked out, Billy won’t bore Phyllis with the details. Yes, Fenmore’s will have their goodies in time for the holiday weekend. Summer arrives to hear that Jabot’s hottest new products will set off fireworks. Billy was just telling Phyllis that he had to sort something out in the shipping department last night. Summer reconnected with an old friend last night. No, it’s not Kyle – and no, he’s not married ‘thank God’, she answers her Mom’s questions. After Billy leaves for a meeting, Phyllis tells Summer how proud she is of her.

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Over bowls of fruit, Victor tells Nikki that the latest media scoop is lies about NE’s salary structure which has lead to a walkout over equal pay for women (something Nikki knows to be false) Victor still believes JT’s behind it. Nikki’s not so sure – you have other enemies. With a kiss, Victor leaves for the office.

Vikki continues to give Nick and Sharon a pep talk. Dad shouldn’t have taken Christian – he’s taken on too much. Yes, they saw Victor on Hilary’s show – the stress is getting to him. The latest leak is about pay inequality (which again, is false) Nick’s sure JT’s behind it. Vikki doesn’t think so but must get to work to manage this. With a few more words of encouragement, she leaves. Soon after, Sharon gets a text and has to hurry off to CL’s. Checking her phone on her way out, she reveals that the urgent summons to CL’s is from Nikki (not a sick worker)