Thursday, June 28th

After a successful meeting on the rooftop, Billy isn’t happy when Summer shows up. No, she’s not following him – she was working with Kyle (who just left) Drink? Billy doesn’t think Lauren would appreciate her drinking and tanning on company time. Put some clothes on and get to the office, he orders.

Abby’s surprised to find Vikki, Sharon, Phyllis and Nikki seated together on the CL’s patio. Claiming they’re working on a charity thing, Vikki assures Abby that she’ll see her at the office soon. Nikki then updates her co-conspirators that Victor’s under a lot of stress and obsessed with finding JT. Shocked to hear that eyewitnesses claim to have seen JT, Sharon and Nikki worry that he might be alive. Phyllis and Vikki think not.

Vikki’s exhausted going back and forth on whether JT’s alive. It’s not healthy – we have to be strong and commit to what we did. There’s no evidence he’s alive. On cue her phone beeps. Some equipment was damaged at NE. Dad’s requested security footage. All jump when a waitress comes through the door loudly.

Summer’s in Billy’s office to show him that she’s dressed and at work, as ordered. Billy lectures her on flirting and causing him to lie to the woman he loves. Summer’s grateful that Billy came to her rescue last night – she had no one else to call. Mom’s not supportive – I’m a huge disappointment to her. Near tears, Summer’s about to leave when Billy calls her back.

Seconds after Sharon gets home the social worker arrives. Ms Robertson declines a cold drink and would like to get started.

Abby joins Vikki (and Nikki) in her office to ask how they’re going to handle this. We go on the offensive, Vikki commands – let’s turn the press into a positive. Get Neil and Dad – let’s make this happen.

Summer confides in Billy – she felt free when she left GC. No wonder I blew my trust fund. It seemed like so much money it’d never run out. She’s still working on finding out who she is. Billy believes you have to embrace your failures in order to succeed. Summer hopes Billy can be her friend – she really needs that right now.

Nick makes his own hours and works from home. Sharon too – plus we have Mariah and a babysitter. Add Faith and Christian’s surrounded by love here. Nick misses his son and wants him home. I’m the one he calls Daddy. They then discuss the circumstances in which Sharon believed she was Christian’s Mother. Yes, Sharon’s managing her bipolar disorder. She hasn’t gone off her meds since Christian was born. Having faced the same questions in arbitration, Sharon has things to say she wishes she said then.

Getting a call from a collection agency, Summer claims to be Gloria and is sure the bill will be paid soon. Hanging up, she’s embarrassed. Billy wants to support Summer but she needs to be honest with her Mom and/or Dad next time she’s in trouble. He then hits an imaginary reset button on his desk. Summer thanks Billy and leaves.