Thursday, June 28th

Sharon loves her psychology course and has a passion for life improvement. The medication she takes makes Sharon feel cured (though she knows she’s not) She’d never go off her meds or make bad choices. On to Nick – he’s a great Dad. Ask anyone. We wouldn’t be together if I was a risk to Christian. Ms Robertson has all she needs for now – thanks. Now alone with Nick, Sharon looks terrified.

Holding a press conference, Abby and Vikki deny any inequality exists at Newman Enterprises. As Victor thanks and dismisses the press, Nikki answers the phone in Vikki’s office – the security footage is ready. Good – let’s see who’s doing this to us, Victor doesn’t notice how troubled his wife and daughter are.

At the apartment with Phyllis, Billy shares the plans he’s made for the evening – a couples massage, dinner, dancing and whatever happens after that. How about a glass of champagne before we hit the club? Dropping an earring, Phyllis digs under the sofa while Summer puts her foot on a stay poker chip and locates the earring. After Phyllis goes up to get ready, Summer gives Billy the chip – I’ve got your back.

Nick thinks the social worker’s visit went well. How does a fall wedding sound? Sharon loves it – and Nick.

Nikki, Victor, Abby and Vikki all huddle around a laptop playing the security footage in question. A man wearing a hoodie lurks about. Zooming in, the face is unmistakably JT’s. Needless to say, Nikki and Vikki are shocked.

Next week: Is there a problem? Devon asks. I’m just having trouble finding a heartbeat, the nurse who’s paid them a visit reports. Hilary looks worried … Looks like I came to the right place, a man appears at HWG. Come here my man, Neil gives him a big hug…. Arturo and Abby make out …. Nikki, Sharon, Vikki and Phyllis have another powwow at CL’s. We have to dig up that grave, Phyllis insists…. Looking out a window into the night, Sharon and Nikki see something that makes them both scream.