Friday, June 29th

In her office, Vikki stares at the frozen image on her laptop – it can’t be JT – it can’t.

Nick and Sharon are at home discussing their fall wedding. Both have high hopes that Christian will be home by then. Sharon’s smile evaporates when she gets a text from Vikki – meet me at the coffee shop asap.

Billy hands Phyllis an envelope containing a cheque – a bonus because next quarter sales will be huge thanks to Birthday Suit. In a generous mood, Billy’s sharing with the rank and file (and even giving everyone a paid long weekend off) Getting a second text (from Vikki) Phyllis claims it’s to do with a charity, thanks ‘Santa’ with a kiss and leaves.

Devon finds Hilary taking photos of herself. She’s delighted to show him that she has a baby bump.

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Summer runs into Nikki at the club. Of course, she’s not avoiding her grandmother (but is not happy with Grandpa for taking Christian) How can you go along with this? Nikki wishes Victor didn’t do this but wants to be neutral and not take sides.

Also looking in the mirror, Devon guesses he sees a little something (but suspects Hilary’s exaggerating it for social media) If anything’s making your stomach stick out it’s that big dinner we had last night. Hilary wants everyone to know that she has a baby growing inside her and vows to be stylish like Beyonce.

Seated ina booth at CL’s, Vikki, Sharon, Nikki and Phyllis all look at the laptop photo at CL’s. Phyllis suggests it could be CGI – Victor has plenty of enemies. IF JT’s still alive, he’s hell-bent on revenge. After he’s done with Victor he’ll come for us.