Monday, July 2nd

At CL’s, Nick hugs Sharon – who feels so safe and protected in his arms. Hearing that Vikki’s stressed out, Nick understands why and has good news. Have the police arrested JT? Sharon asks.

Needing the utmost discretion, Victor requests that Dr Hastings treat him only in Neil’s penthouse, away from prying eyes. At the mention of his nosey ex Neil assures that he’ll handle Hilary. See that you do, Victor mumbles. Cautious after his medical records were leaked, he insists that Nate sign an NDA and there will be no payment if it’s broken. Dr Nate has some conditions of his own; given Victor’s prognosis, he won’t commit unless Victor agrees to follow his instructions and not hide/lie about symptoms. Impressed and smiling, Victor shakes Nate’s hand – welcome aboard.

After Victor leaves, Neil comments that his friend is a bit intimidating. He insists Nate stay at the penthouse. We’re family – it’s important to be around family now, Neil hints that something’s going on with Nate. As for Hilary, you just wait, Neil wags a finger warning Nate that he’s never treated anything like her.

Across the hall, Hilary’s on the phone instructing Theo to dig up every piece of information he can on ‘that man’. She wants a complete dossier.

No, JT hasn’t been caught – Nick’s good news is that he dropped by Victor’s table at the club to let the social worker know that he’s in poor health. Dad is not going to get what he wants for once.

At the park, Victor chats with Nikki about his new doctor and jokes that he almost asked for tranquilizers after meeting with the social worker earlier. We can’t pretend this isn’t a crisis; JT’s getting bolder by the minute. But no, Victor won’t ask Paul for help – he and Chris had JT spy on them. Nikki goes through the list of what JT’s done – how will you protect our family from this monster? Leave it to me, Victor reassures Nikki.

Next: Cane defends the Chancellor legacy …. Tessa receives a cryptic message … Abby and Arturo set off fireworks.

My Thoughts: I’d forgotten all about Nate Hastings and assumed the writers had outdone themselves by aging Moses past Charlie and Mattie… Who does Hilary think she is? The nerve of her. First, demanding to know who Nate is and how he’s connected to Neil. Then, icing on the cake, she interrogates Neil’s guest – in Neil’s home! Hilary seems to have forgotten all about her baby bump and the man she’s trapped with it … How is that that Nikki managed to buy a park? And why didn’t Jill come back to make a big show of dedicating that tacky piece of art? That monstrosity wouldn’t last a week in my neighbourhood – and I’m pretty sure my local parks have no bodies fertilizing the flowers… Since the social worker’s job is to evaluate the environment Christian will be raised in, you’d think a home visit would be required. Ms Robertson should meet the nanny.