Monday, July 2nd

Nikki arrives to apologize to Ms Robertson for being late; there was a problem at New Hope. Praised for her charity work, Nikki stresses that Christian is their priority and no, her MS isn’t a problem (but yes, it did flare up the day of arbitration) As for Victor, Christian adores his grandfather; they’re a joy to watch. Victor adds that he’ll give Christian the kind of life Adam wanted for him (then looks over at Nick)

We need to talk, Phyllis accosts Sharon at CL’s. Still doubting that JT clawed his way out of the ground, escaped town only to return to exact revenge on Victor, Phyllis declares that if she’s wrong, WE are in the clear. JT had his back to us when we walked in (and Nikki hit him) We can say we weren’t in the room. We can’t afford the best attorney’s like the Newmans and why should we have to?

Giving up on her magazine (and in to her curiosity) Hilary marches across the hall to ring Neil’s doorbell. When the young man answers the door bare-chested, Hilary introduces herself and incorrectly assumes he’s seen her show. I’m the host, she prattles on and is frustrated to have the door politely closed in her face without getting the young man’s name.

On the patio, Phyllis pitches her perfect solution to Sharon. No, we’re not compounding the lie – we’re eliminating ourselves from it. Sharon sees two flaws in the plan; we’d have to trust each other and Mariah knows we were in the bedroom. Also, we made a pact. We started this together; we finish it together, Sharon insists. That’s what Phyllis is afraid of.

As Nikki and Victor continue to charm Ms Robertson with tales of Christian, Nick comes along to greet his Mom and blab to the social worker about his Dad’s interview (and not so subtle hints about his health) After Nick leaves them to it, Victor apologizes for his son’s transparent act.

Victor tells Ms Robertson that Nick’s desperate to make him look bad (because he fears he won’t get custody as long as he’s with Sharon) The social worker has heard rumors of Victor’s ill health but didn’t see him on the Hilary Hour. Insisting the leaked medical reports are false, Victor’s hand shakes so badly he puts his tea cup back on its saucer.

Pacing, Hilary’s infuriated by the young man who pretended not to know who she is. I won’t take this! she marches back to Neil’s place to bang on the door. You were discourteous and ill-mannered, she lectures the mystery man (who can see he made the right call by sending Hilary on her way earlier) As Hilary’s getting another dose of ‘impertinence’ and attitude, Neil appears to crow with delight; I see you met my Godson; Dr Nathaniel Hastings. We call him Nate. Hilary would like to call him something else.

Neil explains that Nate is Olivia’s son/Lily and Devon’s first cousin who just flew in from Boston today. Hilary accuses Nate of being antagonistic – what kind of doctor are you? Oh, a surgeon – she should have guessed by the ego. Why are you here? After all but kicking Hilary out Neil gets another visitor, Victor; Nate’s new patient.