Monday, July 9th

Billy puts his framed photo of ‘Jaboat’ in his desk drawer when Summer enters his office. No, he didn’t get her back yet, but he has a plan; more poker. Summer worries that people will notice the boat missing soon and feels guilty for her role in Billy losing it. Ashley then arrives; she’s settled in just fine and would like an account of all Billy’s changes – ‘from budget to boat’.

Phyllis barges into Sharon’s and hears that she saw JT outside last night. No, Sharon wasn’t drunk or hallucinating – Nikki saw him too. Both assume Vikki knows and wonder what she’s thinking. On cue, their phones ping – guess we’re about to find out.

Neil runs down late for work. Yes, he does set his own hours but likes to lead by example. With more stories in the media, Nate worries about the stress Victor’s under (and Neil too) You’re so busy putting out Victor’s fires you’re neglecting HWG and the foundation.

When Jack arrives at the house, Kyle hopes he’s decided to take the bone fragment to a lab. Up all night, Jack’s angry that Kyle crossed moral and ethical lines (and got arrested) And no way Chance or Philip will hand me their DNA now. Who’s that at the door? The last face Kyle wants to see (Cane)

Yes, Ester’s forgiven Kyle (as pointed out by Jack) but Cane’s pissed that he disrespected Katherine, Philip and Jill. Kyle thinks it was disrespectful of Cane to pass himself off as a Chancellor to Kay and Jill. Refereeing, Jack admits that Kyle went too far. Cane explains that even if Jack were proven to be Philip’s son, he couldn’t get his hands on Chancellor; Katherine left the company to Victor – he sold it to Jill. You know you’re wasting your time. I know nothing of the sort! Jack snorts.

Back at Jabot, Ashley politely but firmly dismisses Summer (who’s raving about Billy’s great ideas) Why would Summer think someone at her level should be privy to our ‘upper echelon’ conversation? Billy implemented an open door policy – he encourages input from all levels and departments. Asking for, and hearing an example (that came from the loading dock) Ashley assumes this open dialogue will allow her to provide input too. Of course, Billy agrees – but don’t forget that you’re COO and I’m CEO.

Ending a call, Billy will go over the rest of Ashley’s list tomorrow. OK, but first Ashley would like to clarify that she accepts that Billy’s in charge and supports his vision and leadership. Billy appreciates that (and the salute Ashley gives him before leaving) In the reception area, Ashley asks Summer for a summary of her job duties (by the end of the day) Yes, in writing – because she likes to do things a bit more formally than Billy.