Friday, July 20th

Seconds after Nick goes up to shower, Kyle comes knocking – you missed our meeting. With a blanket wrapped around her, Phyllis fakes a cough. I’ll call you later. When Kyle spots a pile of clothes on the floor, Phyllis claims that they’re Billy’s (he’s in the shower) Kyle’s glad to hear it.

Inconsolable, Hilary doesn’t want to talk about baby names Devon had picked out. He’s grateful that she’s alive. What are you doing here? Hilary scowls at Nate. He saved you, Devon explains, Nate’s sorry about the baby and announces the next step; a transfusion of platelets to build up Hilary’s strength.

As Billy works in his office, Gloria looks up from her laptop and paperwork. That’s quite the social life you have chief, she mutters to herself after giving Billy a look he doesn’t see.

Nick’s not at the club or his office, Sharon reports. Maybe he stayed at Vikki’s, Mariah suggests. Getting a text from Tessa, Mariah tells her Mom that their date went great – until Tessa snuck off to be with another girl.

Taking a seat, Kyle suspects Phyllis isn’t sick – she had a late night with Billy. Yes, Phyllis hopes he’ll be discreet. Funny thing, Kyle just saw Billy at the office – he didn’t see you last night. So, wanna tell me about the guy upstairs?

The hug Mariah saw wasn’t a friendly hug – it was a real hug. But never mind that – Sharon needs to figure things out with Nick and Mariah has to get to work.

The transfusion over, Devon will leave Hilary to rest and tell Mariah to cancel today’s show. No, Hilary knows Mariah can do it. She’ll complain but she’ll do a great job.

Pizza delivery guy? Bartender? Ravi? Kyle tries to get answers from Phyllis. It was a one-night thing – a moment, it’s done, Phyllis wants to give Billy another chance. Keep this to yourself, Phyllis orders. You can count on me as much as I can count on you, Kyle says as he exits.

Nick comes down in a towel to grab his pile of clothes from Phyllis. Yes, she’s fine. No one will ever hear about this from me, Phyllis vows as Nick goes up to get dressed.

Kyle hovers at Gloria’s desk looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. No, he didn’t have dinner with Billy last Wednesday and he doesn’t know about any field trip to the race track. What’s this about? Gloria doesn’t know yet – but she will. In Billy’s office, Gloria points out some discrepancies in his expense report. Just type it up and don’t question me again, Billy shoos Gloria out. Noting her bad mood, Kyle gets no answers.

On the rooftop, Tessa wonders where Devon, Hilary, Lily etc. are. Mariah comments on the work emergency Tessa had to cut their date short for. Tessa suggests another date to make up for it. Mariah then gets a call from Devon. Hilary was in an accident – the baby didn’t make it. I’m so sorry, Mariah cries – is there anything I can do? Yes, do the show. I can’t! Yes, you can – Hilary has confidence in you,. Make her proud. I will, Mariah agrees.

Tessa’s sure Hilary will understand. No, Mariah’s doing this (and walks over to take her spot to tell the viewers that she has difficult news for them.