Friday, July 20th

When Phyllis arrives at work, Gloria and Kye accost her (ordering her to forgive Billy) In the CEO’s office, Phyllis rants about Billy lying and being a screw-up – but she loves him and wants him to come home. Billy’s answer is to kiss Phyllis.

Sharon comes home from looking for Nick (who’s now home) He got the message loud and clear (taking the engagement ring) Sharon wasn’t sending a message – or ending things. Good, because Nick believes them too good together to throw it all away.

Nick stands by what he did to get Christian back but knows the way he did it hurt Sharon. It’s not over for us. You saw how terrified I was that night, Sharon reminds. Nick wishes she understood that he feels like he’s the man he should be. He wants to build a legacy for his kids – with none of the ruthlessness of Newman Enterprises. Nick will do whatever it takes to earn Sharon’s trust back. This is our chance to make this last forever. No more lies. What else can I say? Nothing – I love you, Sharon knows Nick will be a devoted husband. Now put this ring back on my finger where it belongs ~kiss~

Billy stops making out with Phyllis. He has work to do but looks forward to make-up sex later. He claims he hasn’t looked at a deck of cards since she threw him out. So what? You following me? Phyllis was trying to track Billy down to give him a second chance. We’ll beat this thing together – you need to get to gamblers anonymous. Billy’s annoyed – why do we only need to work on MY flaws? You gambled away a boat, Phyllis lectures. Not sure he even wants to come home, Billy walks away as Phyllis lamely calls out ‘Billy, stop’. Seated in reception, Kyle watches.

At GCM, Nate gets a text he’s been waiting for – Hilary’s test results are in.

An emotional Mariah talks about Hilary’s fierceness. She’s exactly who she is; always speaks her mind – never lies. Hilary’s confident to know what she wants and achieves it. She never stops moving forward; she’s clever and gorgeous – the driving force behind this show. She’s the reason you tune in – her amazing hair and excellent hair. She’s warm, generous and loyal. Hilary is my boss and sort of my friend. As the show concludes, Hilary quips ‘a little schmaltzy’. Devon leaves Hilary to rest and joins Nate in the hallway. The results aren’t what we hoped for. The transfusion wasn’t successful – there’s still massive bleeding. I don’t think Hilary’s going to make it. Heartbroken, Devon looks at Hilary through the window as she sleeps.