Monday, July 23rd

Lily takes a seat at Hilary’s bedside to tearfully apologize. It wasn’t your fault, it was an accident, Hilary won’t let Lily ‘have it’. I’ve given you so much grief, Lily regrets not realizing that Hilary had changed into someone she admires (as well as trying to stop her from becoming pregnant and accusing her of being a bad role model to Shawna) Can you forgive me? There’s nothing to forgive, Hilary’s excited that she and Lily will be friends when she gets out of here.

When Mariah arrives with Cane and Jack, Charlie asks if he can go see Shawna. No, Cane prefers he stay. But by the time Lily returns to update that Hilary’s doing as well as can be expected, Charlie’s snuck out. Granting Mariah and Jack permission to go visit Hilary, Lily sobs in Cane’s arms; unable to get the words out that Hilary won’t make it.

After a few jokes, praise and words of encouragements, Jack leaves Hilary to quip to Mariah – what’s with all the boo-hooing? Both in tears, Mariah’s heartbroken that Hilary lost her baby. Hilary worries this will be the beginning of the end for her and Devon. You couldn’t be more wrong, Devon reappears to say. Hugging him, Mariah’s not happy to find Tessa in the waiting room. I’m not doing this here – don’t follow me! Mariah again orders as she exits (Tessa again follows)

After Mattie returns from donating blood (where Lily’s gone too) Cane informs that Charlie left (and calls him) At the front door of the penthouse, Charlie tells his Dad that he won’t apologize for coming to see how Shawna is. Hanging up, he knocks on the door and asks Shawna why she’s not at the hospital. I can’t face Hilary, Shawna whimpers.

How bad is it? Hilary knows Nate’s sidestepping her questions (which he again does before leaving Devon to hear that Hilary had a ‘lovely’ chat with Lily) I have a blessed life, she sniffles.

On the CL’s patio, Mariah barks at Tessa – leave me alone! Devastated for Hilary, she doesn’t want to hear Tessa’s lies. I saw you in the arms of that woman! You have it all wrong, Tessa didn’t tell Mariah about Kimberly to protect her. She helped me track down my sister.

Shawna blames herself. If she hadn’t run off, Hilary, Lily and Charlie wouldn’t have been in the car. You need to learn to face your problems instead of running away from them, Charlie gently advises.