Monday, July 23rd

Back on the patio, Tessa implores Mariah to look at her phone; the texts between her and Kimberly are all about her sister. I hugged Kimberly because she found Crystal. Tessa didn’t want Mariah to be implicated. Mariah’s relief that Tessa’s not ‘two-timing’ her comes to a screeching halt when Tessa announces that she’s leaving town to be with her sister.

Mattie gone to the cafeteria, Cane’s left to reassure Lily that the accident wasn’t her fault. Getting a call from an unknown number, Lily tells Cane that an Officer Schultz wants to talk to her.

Devon feels that he and Hilary were destined to be together. It’s not lust (even though Hilary’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen) He lists what he loves about her; you never quit no matter what. I want you to be my wife again as soon as possible. No, not when Hilary’s released – now. Hilary cries at the sight of the most beautiful ring she’s ever seen. Sliding it onto her finger, Devon kisses her.

Next: Cane makes amends …. Mariah takes a stand …. Phyllis comes clean.

My Thoughts: Meh. I’m not really feeling heartbroken over Hilary’s prolonged death scene. I wish the actress nothing but the best in her future endeavors but the character of Hilary has always been a pill and her death doesn’t change the fact that she’s a manipulate, self-absorbed, egotistical shrew that I honestly won’t miss. Nice that Mattie and Lily are donating blood but why isn’t anyone in the chapel praying? The sudden realization by Lily that Hilary is someone she ‘admires’ is way over the top; she drugged your husband and climbed into bed with him to take photos (not to mention the damage she did to Neil and Devon) I guess she’ll soon add running a red light and causing Hilary’s death to the list she feels guilty for… Lily and Mariah’s 180 should be a tip-off to Hilary that she’s dying (as should Devon’s insistence that they get married immediately) Is a doctor even allowed to keep a patients’ prognosis a secret from them? (even if Hilary did sign over power of attorney to him?) Devon’s a billionaire; why would he leave the hospital to go ring shopping when he could have a jeweler bring over a selection just as easily (if not more so) than when Lauren or Chelsea wheel a rack of dresses around town like they’re delivering a pizza. Why hasn’t he asked Nate how long Hilary has? She doesn’t seem to be in much pain … Will we ever know the identity of the handsome man Hilary met at the club the other night? … Oh great. Mariah finds true love only to be abandoned because Tessa wants to be with the sister she hasn’t mentioned in months. Why wouldn’t she invite Mariah to come with her? And what will Mariah do now? It’s not like there’s a large pool of eligible lesbians in GC for her to choose from… Looks like Lily could be in trouble for running a red light. Perhaps she should be told so she’s not blindsided by Officer Schultz… How is Dark Horse a ‘multi-national real estate’ start-up? Nick knows nothing about real estate. He’s never even left his Father’s property to buy his own home. And the companies that cut ties with NE weren’t real estate companies. Per Vikki. they were suppliers and vendors.