Wednesday, July 25th

With all gathered in the ICU, the minister talks of love and forgiveness. After Neil reads a quote that his ‘friend’ Hilary asked him to recite Devon speaks from the heart as he goes over his history with Hilary; from initially trying to hate her to love that was inevitable from the beginning. ‘Ditto’ Hilary elicits a chuckle from all before tearfully matching Devon’s heartfelt words. You’re the one I want and need – you will be my love for every moment still to come.

Devon takes Hilary as his lawful wife; for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. Weakening Hilary struggles to repeats her vows. In sickness and in health – to love, cherish til death do us part. It’s the eternity band you gave me years ago, Hilary recognizes as Devon slips it on her finger, pledging his eternal love. Like this circle; no beginning and no end. All applaud as the minister pronounces them man and wife ~kiss~

Next: Victor puts his plan in motion … Hilary and Devon reflect on their past.

My Thoughts: OK, so today’s show reeled me in a bit more than yesterdays and I can’t come up with much critique (because there really wasn’t anything to watch besides Hilary and Devon) It’s hard to comment on Hilary’s dress since she was laying down in bed. You’d think they’d have propped her up a bit more…. Of course Hilary brought the family together – she slept with both Father and son; doesn’t get much closer than that… Where’s Billy? Is Phyllis going to bounce back to Jack now? It’s cool that he no longer hates her but he doesn’t need to be so chummy with the ex who cheated on him with (then dumped him for) his brother. Couldn’t someone have brought Sam to the wedding? Hilary made it very clear how much she loved the boy. A scene with her cradling a baby that she won’t live long enough to watch grow up (or have her own) would have been very emotional. And why wasn’t Tessa invited to the wedding? She’s been working closely with Devon and Hilary for quite some time now, plus she could have sang something that would have made the wedding even sadder.