Wednesday, July 25th

Hilary thanks Nate (in a suit) for enabling her to marry the man of her dreams today. He then leaves Neil to update Hilary that her groom is here but she won’t see him until the wedding. Tell him the bride can’t wait to say ‘I do’, Hilary wonders if Neil has anything else to say to her. Yes, he does (some nice words and humour) Kissing Hilary on the forehead, Neil’s about to exit when Hilary thanks him for the best gift he could have given her.

Phyllis, Mattie, Shawna and Mariah are seated on either side of Hilary’s bed for the traditional something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Engraved champagne flutes that can be used for future anniversaries, Shawna hugs Hilary. Earrings borrowed from Lily (who will be here soon) Phyllis gives Hilary a heart shape rock she found. Mariah hands over something ‘blue’ that can’t be taken out of the bag because Shawna and Mattie are too young to see it (a book of dirty jokes) As all file out, Hilary asks Mariah to stay – I need something.

Jack, Charlie and Neil gathered in the waiting area, Cane tells Devon that Lily went through all her jewelry to pick something special for Hilary to ‘borrow’. Mattie then takes her Dad aside to ask where Mom is – she missed the gift-giving. She probably lost track of time, Cane goes off to look into it. Phyllis sends Shawna off to be with Charlie and sends Billy a text (here for the wedding – wish you were too)

When Hilary tells Mariah that she’s never given her credit for how good she is, Mariah quips that it’s the drugs talking. Hilary’s not high – she’s always been jealous – you’re a natural. You can carry the show on your own. Nobody’s going to watch The Mariah Hour – you make it sound like you’re not coming back. What are you saying? Mariah becomes even more alarmed – Hilary? Hilary!??? When Mariah runs out to report that she passed out, Nate runs into Hilary’s room. Following, Devon’s panicked – Hilary!?

Cane finds Lily moping over the wedding invitation. I wasn’t there to give Hilary her gift – how can I look her and Devon in the eye knowing I’m the reason their happiness will be short-lived? I was behind the wheel, she bursts into tears. They don’t blame you – they want you there, Cane coaxes Lily – you have to do this. Devon wants you to be part of this memory – he needs you. Knowing that Cane’s right, Lily’s given a supportive hug.

Mariah relays that it happened so fast – I thought Hilary was resting. Jack and Phyllis ask Neil to remain positive – we can’t give up. Arriving with Cane, Lily hears that Hilary blacked out – she’s going to wake up right? We hope so, Neil hugs her. In Hilary’s room, Nate updates Devon that Hilary’s weakening but will be kept comfortable with medication. Hilary awakens to groggily joke with Devon about getting some beauty sleep.