Monday, August 27th

Mariah’s gathered Vikki, Abby and Nikki at CL’s to plan Sharon’s bridal shower. Summer was invited but hasn’t replied. As Nikki suggests a lunch outdoors, a distracted Vikki goes to get coffee.

At the club for breakfast, Dina talks about her dog, Piper; a wonderful birthday present. Jack reminds that he doesn’t live at the house anymore but don’t worry – he’s finding a new home.

Ashley and Kyle are surprised when Phyllis and Billy arrive at the Abbott home to announce that they’re moving in.

Deciding that she’s needed at work more than party planning, Vikki abruptly excuses herself and leaves in a hurry.

Billy and Phyllis assure that their stay will be temporary. Ashley suggests the GCAC. The poolhouse? Kyle’s staying there. As John Abbott’s son, Billy has a right to stay in the Abbott home, whether Ashley and Kyle like it or not.

Ashley declares Billy’s comment about being John’s son unnecessary. Why do he and Phyllis want to live here? Why are they moving out of Summer’s? Too crowded. This house is full too, Ashley points out. Planning to keep an eye on her and Kyle, Billy takes Phyllis upstairs to the guest room overlooking the gardens.

The shower planning session turns into Abby questioning Nikki about Vikki. If NE’s bounced back is Vikki worried about JT coming back? He’s gone and never coming back, Nikki believes – Vikki’s just overworked. I better go check on her, Nikki leaves Mariah to ask if this is how shower planning usually works. No, Abby shakes her head.

Billy upstairs unpacking and Ashley out, Phyllis informs Kyle that she’s the one who sent Summer the text that resulted in her taking a week-long cruise. She and Billy are committed to one another – Summer will have to accept that. Phyllis expects no further ill-advised stunts.

As Billy assures Phyllis that this is where he wants to stay, Jack brings Dina home. Not recognizing them, Dina whispers concern to Jack – why are they moving in? As Jack leads Dina off, she prattles on about her dog. Poor Dina, Billy says. Poor Jack, Phyllis adds.