Tuesday, August 28th

Awkwardness aside, Vikki apologizes to Abby for taking her frustration out on her. No, you didn’t do anything wrong – it’s all me. Abby accepts her sister’s apology – then stands to introduce Rey as Arturo’s brother. What?! Nikki blurts out. Abby quickly mentions a remodeling project Arturo did for Nikki. Very quick, Victor adds. Victor asks Rey what work brings him to GC. Financial services, he leaves them to enjoy their evening. The three ladies, especially Vikki look uncomfortable as Victor suggests champagne.

Devon and Nate are both back from a run (separately) Abby’s only interested in one side of the situation – she’s Lily’s friend, Devon doesn’t need any ‘help’. Nate felt the same way – you couldn’t be more wrong.

Smile firmly in place, Abby sees right through Victor – he’s gushing about Vikki doing a great job at NE to make her regret leaving for Dark Horse. No, she won’t come back – she’s happy with her new job and Arturo. He didn’t even know his brother was in town. Abby and Arturo are taking things slow. Thanking her Dad for all the praise and dinner, Vikki leaves. Nikki runs after her – you need someone to talk to (about JT) Nikki said she didn’t need help too – every time she was drowning. Back at the table, Victor and Abby are puzzled.

Sharon suggests that Summer has SBS; spoiled brat syndrome. Wait til Faith gets older, Phyllis warns. Sharon shouldn’t joke (after rebellious phase lead to her death) She and Phyllis both greet their hero Rey warmly. He’s sure the two ladies are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

Over bottled water in Devon’s apartment, he and Nate bicker over the need for ‘justice’. No, sending Lily to prison for 20 years won’t make Devon feel better but he won’t let down his wife and child. If anyone else had been driving, Devon knows it’d be supported. This isn’t about Lily – it’s about the justice Hilary deserves. How will you feel if the twins have to watch their Mom being taken away in handcuffs? Devon’s only focus is justice for Hilary. Nate continues to warn Devon and speak from experience.

Holding Abby’s hand across the table, Victor claims to be OK with her working for Nick. He has confidence in her. But what does she enjoy about Dark Horse so much? Abby won’t be tricked into revealing secrets but giggles when Victor makes it clear that she’ll always have a job at NE.