Tuesday, August 28th

Sharon and Phyllis both offer to set Rey up with a job (with Nick or Billy) Thanking them, Rey leaves through the patio. Vikki arrives (with Nikki) to ask about Rey. They seem suspicious that he keeps turning up.

Victor joins Devon on the rooftop to express his condolences – she loved this place. Devon mopes about everyone going on with their lives – how can he act like nothing’s changed. Devon will speak on Hilary’s behalf in court (not against Lily) They go back and forth until Devon asks if he’s going too far. Victor can’t say – he knows Lily’s a good person who made a tragic mistake. It’s a difficult decision. Yet, I have to choose, Devon concludes.

Sharon and Phyllis like Rey – he’s a nice guy. Abby’s surprised to find Vikki and Nikki at CL’s. Back to the subject or Rey, Abby denies he’s her friend – he’s seeing someone. Married actually, Sharon interjects. Abby relays the questions Rey asked her and doesn’t think it weird that he knew about JT. It’s all over the news. After Abby leaves, Vikki’s not happy to learn that he’s curious about JT.

Abby turns up at Neil’s place with a latte for Nate. Both wish Devon would change his mind about speaking against Lily but neither know who he’d listen to.

Back on the rooftop, Victor can relate to Devon’s conflict – he and Nick usually reconcile but he crossed the line this time. If you can’t forgive Lily, that’s your choice.

Seated in a booth, the four ladies debate Rey. Sharon and Phyllis aren’t suspicious. Even Nikki thinks Vikki should relax. Vikki’s not being paranoid – this guy’s gone out of his way to meet all of us and asking about JT. From the patio, Rey watches the intense conversation.

Next: Sharon receives an unexpected guest …. Kyle sets a trap … Billy fights temptation.