Tuesday, September 4th

Engrossed in the movie, Dina wants to watch it again as soon as it ends. Phyllis suggests a walk instead (and sends Dina outside to wait when Lauren calls)

On the CL’s patio, Kyle teases Summer – how long after slinking onto the yacht in your lingerie did you realize you got played? ‘Phyllis still has some game in her’, Summer’s reluctantly impressed – I didn’t see it coming. What the next move with Billy? Kyle wonders – admitting defeat?

Ending her call with Lauren, Phyllis goes outside to find Dina (who, of course, has vanished)

Kyle continues to chide Summer – you don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell with Billy. Tessa comes out, followed by Mariah. I made this magic happen, Kyle boats – totally. ‘This is a thing’? Summer curls her lip as she’s taunted some more about her cruise. OK, you guys are cute, Summer’s sarcastic as Mariah gives Tessa a peck before leaving. Heading back to work, Tessa encounters Devon (and apologizes) What exactly do you want? Devon’s blunt.

When Nate drops by, Cane whines that Lily can’t have visitors for 48 hours. Perhaps Devon can help? Nate doesn’t think so – he may never stop hurting.

Back on the patio, Summer won’t give Kyle any details on her plan to get Billy. Patting her sunburn, he leaves.

Tessa needs 20K from Devon (to pay off the people who helped her sister relocate in Canada) I’m mortified to ask but will do whatever I have to. Devon gave Tessa a second chance after she stole lyrics. You need to find someone who doesn’t know you as well as I do, he walks away.

Back inside, a frantic Phyllis is surprised but relieved to hear that Kyle put a tracker in Dina’s purse. You’ll get used to this new normal, he’s sure. Dina appears ready to rewatch the movie she just finished. Sitting, Phyllis agrees that Marlon Brando is dreamy.

On the patio, Summer types out a text to Billy (wanna see my tan lines?) Inside, Tessa gets a text from Mariah (Miss you. See you soon xo) At home, Mariah gets the same text from Tessa. Devon then stops by to tattle that Tessa asked for money. He’s not buying her story.

As Cane sniffles at home, Lily continues to sob over photos in her cell.

Next: Nick makes a promise to Sharon …. Abby defends Arturo … Billy confesses to Phyllis.

My thoughts: Not to rehash yesterday’s comments – but how on earth could Mariah (co-host of a gossip show) not have heard anything about Lily’s sentence? Or even be curious? If Hilary hoped Mariah would step up to fill her Jimmy Choos, she was right to underestimate her co-host. What exactly is Mariah even working on – from the office, home or ‘the studio’? … Dina’s supposed to be supervised 24/7 – why is Phyllis sending her outside to wait while she gabs with Lauren? Of course she’d go missing. If I heard correctly, Kyle put a tracker in Dina’s purse. What if she forgets to take her purse? Jack seems to have completely forgotten all about spending time with the Mother he claims to love. He’d rather plot against his brother apparently.