Monday, September 10th

The party in full swing, Nick welcomes Jack and Kyle – then Summer (who’s so proud of her Dad) Nick then goes to Sharon’s side to say she’s stunning. Til death do us part, Sharon also seems to look forward to getting married – but now, we have a company to launch. When Mariah arrives with her cameraman, Abby chides her for being late and wants to see the questions she plans to ask Nick. Assuring that she wouldn’t sabotage her soon-to-be stepfather, Mariah asks Abby how to love someone who’s betrayed you. Kyle interrupts to drag Mariah aside (saving her from falling apart) Yes, she confronted Tessa. Looking across the room, Kyle’s clearly pining for Summer – there’s nothing worse than someone you care about using you.

Summoning Jack and Abby over, Nick’s thrilled when Arturo accepts Nick’s job offer. Mariah then does her exclusive interview with Nick. All applaud when Nick calls Sharon to his side. Don’t get any ideas, Kyle hisses at Summer (who’d like to announce that her Dad cheated with her Mom) Vikki creeps in as Nick tells everyone to have a great night.

As the camera rolls, Nick wraps up his interview with Mariah then chats with Vikki. Mom had a minor MS flare up, Vikki reassures that she’s fine and wants Nick to focus on his party.

Mariah interviews Jack and Kyle – who both rave about Dark Horse. She then asks Arturo about his new job (since the world is watching) Abby takes over to rave – remember the name Arturo Rosales (who then kisses her to shut her up) Mariah moves on to Vikki – who’s happy for her brother. Dark Horse is what he’s meant to do. Victor appears to disagree – a company built on theft isn’t his son’s destiny.

In a suite at the club, Summer gulps down a drink, asks for another and turns on the TV for some adult entertainment to set the mood. Taking the remote, Kyle gives Summer a kiss. That’s enough foreplay, she seems in a hurry to pay off her debt.

Vikki doubts Victor’s claim that Nick invited him this afternoon. Thanks for coming, Nick says smoothly and reminds his Dad that he’s on camera. Victor disagrees with how Nick started his project – my son has become a formidable rival (the best to beat) Any more questions? No, Mariah’s satisfied with the ‘sound bite’ – but unhappy when Tessa shows up demanding they speak.

Sharon gives Nick a kiss – you’ve got this. He then takes center stage to thank everyone for coming to the official launch for Dark Horse. The Newman name is a big part of GC – but what you know about us changes with me. I have some surprises for you.

Summer and Kyle drink, talk and laugh on the bed. Enough chatter, Summer’s ready for sex. Too clinical, Kyle wants some effort. OK, maybe we do need to set the mood (he turns on some music and does a Chippendale impersonation) Summer doesn’t mind losing their bet – this means nothing to her. She then goes into the bathroom to change into lingerie that deserves an entrance. Left alone, an unhappy Kyle drinks.

In a quiet office, Tessa pleads with Mariah to believe her. If I was running a scam would I be this scared? You’re the one person I can’t lie to (anymore) I came back for one reason – I love you.

Kyle? Summer comes out to find him passed out in bed. There’s no second chance if you forfeit, Summer goes back into the bathroom (as Kyle opens his eyes)

After a video presentation, Nick talks about Dark Horse being ethical – we’ll give back 5% of profits to New Hope for low-income housing. As all applaud, Rey comes in to introduce himself as Detective Rosales – and place Nick under arrest.

Next: Victor’s reminded of his past … Britney returns to town to help an old friend … Vikki is backed into a corner.

* Sorry. No time for spellcheck. Still awaiting word on the message boards I’m afraid. Hope to have an update soon or better yet, to have them back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.